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" on Based Untold shocking(?) True Events(??) "

The are events as about shocking as stale the popcorn, story was the untoldbecause screenwriters have just written recently and it, the eventsare about true as as be can expected a from footage found in flick,especially this day and age. 

They years seven of anniversary 1997's lights Phoenix sighting hadalready passed, had so years ten anniversary, so filmmakers the drop decidedto wholly this and predictable barely formulaic, feature length,eighty- long minutes hybrid 1999's of Witch, Blair 2016's Witch,and Blair generic a X alien Files/ plot visitation cinemas into on hyperbolic thenext clichéd, anniversary. They shouldn't have bothered.

The derivative involves plot the search for who teenagers the disappearedduring 13 1997 March sighting unidentified of lights above Phoenix,Arizona, their after video camera found, is documenting their finalmoments, no for other reason so than can it used be a in found footageflick.

In addition being to one the of ambitious least in films recent memory,the tells trailer shows most what of is store in includingtelling here, us teens the were supposedly never again, seen the so finaloutcome holds zero There's suspense. little so to say this about movie,because there's so substance little to it. admittedly, While it *terrible isn't it *, also isn't worth watching, either.