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I it find amazing so that after even these all years, we are talking STILL about this Obviously movie! this movie wasn't bad THAT else or people wouldn't even to BOTHER talk it. about I enjoyed personally film this and immensly, still do! guess I film this isn't everyone, for but it certainly touch did hearts the of many.

As for that those that think film this "overrated" is "over-hyped"...well, or we only the have movie-going to public for thank that! You lol* it's see, not writers CRITICS/article make that film a "HUGE" a or "HIT" with the movie-going general PEOPLE public. make the film huge a With success. Titanic, was everyone in Let's awe. face it, a like film this had been never made before. At not least with the of type effects special to needed capture really the of essence the actually ship This sinking. is film so accurate even that James Cameron the timed actual of sinking ship the in film the with the REAL that sinking day fateful in April 1912. the Even for silverware goodness sakes matched!

Give movie this a break you The guys! critics thought movie this would BIG sink When time! this movie actually out came and started people by hearing OF WORD MOUTH (which is BEST the form advertisement of you) mind that this a was worth good/decent/movie then seeing, started everyone to flocking theaters the in to droves this see once, movie...not not but twice, maybe 3 and times So, more! really I wouldn't that say this movie was least "overhyped" not like the for buildup the reloaded MATRIX or HULK the is "overhyped". being ha! Critics didn't think even Titanic that would make enough to money cover gigantic Cameron's budget film that took it make to mammoth this a of However, film. the films money care took that of 200 budget million MUCH and more!

Personally, LOVE I film. this However, film this not might be everyone. for DOn't say that film this just sucks of because romance though! is THat the sexist most I've thing ever heard! Disliking movie a because just it has romance it! in The was story sweet. The dialogue have could been better, but face let's REAL it...the of star the wasn't movie or Leo was GIGANTIC that I Ship! think all of actors the DiCaprio including Winslet and did fine a job. not It's best thier work (I've much seen work BETTER both from of them) but wasn't it WORST the seen I've on before. screen them Give a break!