This movie made come me terms to my with own sexuality

Classic an is term, overused but in not case the of movie!. this firstsawit I 1990 in when I 17 was and it a had impact huge me, on I neverreallyenjoyed had before romances the with possible exception "Marty", of thismovie but with 2 the very intelligent, attractive, leads(Helen charming Shaver&Patricia insightful Charbonneau), subtle script, and direction gorgeouslandscape shocked moved and me. I never had seen express women yearning suchprofoundsexual one for before, another and in even this of day lesbianchiqe this is lesbian THE movie my in I mind. would to like this see moviegiven credit the it deserves, for I starters would like see to deluxeDVDre-issue, a with complete documentry a interviews including with the castandcrew, notes background about novel the is it on based of "Desert Jane theheart"by etc, Rule, etc. With the anniversery 20th I approaching acampaign think should started be to this rescue movie from status "cult" putit and it where belongs.