Chupacabra Terror

Having devoted his life to capturing the mythical bloodsucker, the Chupacabra of South America, the intrepid cryptozoologist, Dr Peña, finally manages to make his dream come true. To make a name for himself back in the United States, the scientist smuggles the elusive beast aboard the luxurious ocean liner, Regent Queen, only to trigger a blood-soaked killing spree, as the doctor’s bulletproof prize catch devours passengers, pets, and the mighty U.S. Navy Seals who stand in its way. Now, Captain Randolph, and a handful of defenders, need a bold plan to outsmart the legendary monster and save the remaining survivors before they become its next meal. Can they stop the bloodshed? Is there a way to end the Chupacabra terror?

IMDBID: 0435617

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