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We updated our group and channel in Telegram

Join our new Group and Channel in Telegram, previous are not from us Auctor Official Channel Auctor Official Group

Help us donating

Help us donating to pay our seedbox and hosting server to still uploading torrents and develop our auctor app for movies, anime and series

We are in Telegram!!

You can join us in telegram, in our Channel we are posting our updates and news Channel: Group: or find us as Channel: @myauctorc Group: @myauctorg

Help us

Help us joining this site for free, you can mining bitcoin for FREE, you only need join and start mining in the cloud completely free with 1000 GH/s

We are ok now!!

We are ok now, we will start to upload our stuff again.

We are fixing problems with our server

Our server crashed and we are fixing it, please be patient