Love Unleashed

Beyond her regular accounting job working at her father Wade Goode’s tax accounting firm, Hailey Goode, along with her best friend Dana Barton, operate the non-profit Puppy Party Playdates, which provides and manages puppies for events, such as children’s parties. The non-profit’s ultimate mission is to have the puppies, rescue puppies at the animal shelter where Dana works and Hailey volunteers, adopted, with one of the shorter term goals to have a dog park built in the city, Long Lake, Washington. Hailey is organizing a petition she hopes ultimately with at least one thousand signatures to present to business community-centric Mayor Mark Betz, and, to use Hailey’s term, the lug-head city planner, who have the city-owned property, where Hailey would like to see the park, earmarked for "yet another" strip mall. It isn’t until Hailey meets Ryan Hill, five year widowed father to eight year old Emmy Hill, at a number of the puppy parties, becomes his friend, through Emmy he expressing …

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