Hokuto Ga Gotoku

A new legend of the savior of the apocalypse begins in a mysterious city.

The flames of the Final War looked as if it had swallowed all life on the planet… Yet, humanity managed to survive. All civilization has been destroyed, and an age where nothing new could be created had arrived. Those with power rose and began to take what food and resources they could find for themselves. A world where might makes right was born. However, in the corner of this desolate world stood one city known as “the city of miracles”.

Become Kenshiro and step into the post-apocalyptic world!

During the adventuring sections of the game, you can see a side of Kenshiro never before seen in any other Fist of the North Star story. You can take Kenshiro through plenty of minigames and substories, like those found in the Yakuza series. Visit the bazaar or the Neon District! See the different sides of the City of Miracles as time passes between night and day! You can even go out in the vast Wasteland and find a multitude of things to do out there! Become Kenshiro, and experience an all-new post-apocalyptic world!

Experience a new action game with the use of channeling points!

In this new “Hokuto” style battle, the Ryu ga Gotoku Studio brings you a new type of action game based around the iconic Hokuto Shinken’s channeling points.



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