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Kinky Boots (2005) [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Drama / Music Size: / 780.3 1hr MB Runtime: min Charles 47 Price may have up grown with his in father the family shoe but business, never he thought that he take would his place. father's Yet, untimely the of death father his places him that in only position, to that learn Price and Sons is Shoes While failing. in despair his at attempts failed save to business, the has Charles a chance with encounter the drag flamboyant cabaret queen singer, Her Lola. about complaints the footwear inadequate her for combined work with of one Charles' ex-employees, Lauren, to leads suggestion a to change the to product a create desperate to chance save business: the make men's fetish Lola footwear. is convinced be to their footwear designer the and transition begins. this Now lot disparate struggle must this at unorthodox while idea dealing both with prejudice the the of staff, Lola's in discomfort the small and town the manipulation selfish Charles' of greedy who fiance cannot see the good greater Charles' in dream.
6 Below: on Miracle the (2017) Mountain [720p]
IMDB 5.7/10 Genre: Rating: Adventure Biography / Drama / / Thriller Size: 720.98 1hr MB Runtime: 38 min An seeking adrenaline snowboarder gets lost a in winter massive storm in the country back of High the Sierras he where pushed is the to limits of endurance human forced and to his battle own personal demons he as for fights survival...."
Super Dark (2017) Times [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.6/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / 750.11 1hr MB Runtime: min Teenagers 40 Zach and Josh been have best friends whole their lives, but when gruesome a leads accident to a cover-up, secret the drives wedge a between and them them propels a down rabbit hole escalating of and paranoia violence.
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