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Analyze That (2002) [720p]
IMDB 5.9/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Crime Size: / MB Runtime: 696.75 1hr min The 36 Paul mafia's Vitti is back prison in and will some need serious counseling when gets he Naturally, out. he returns to analyst his Dr. Sobel Ben for and help that finds needs Sobel some serious himself help he as has the inherited family practice, as as well excess an stock of stress.
Notes on (2016) Blindness [720p]
IMDB Rating: Documentary 7.2/10 Genre: Drama Size: / 639.38 1hr MB Runtime: min In 30 the summer of just 1983, days before birth the of his first writer son, theologian and John Hull went In blind. order make to sense the of in upheaval life, his he began a keeping on diary audiocassette. their Upon publication in 1990, Sacks Oliver the described work as most 'the precise, extraordinary, and deep account beautiful blindness of I have read. ever It to is mind my a With masterpiece.' access exclusive to original these NOTES recordings, BLINDNESS ON encompasses memory dreams, and imaginative life, the excavating world interior of blindness.
A Dog's (2017) Purpose [720p]
IMDB Rating: Adventure 5.5/10 Genre: Comedy / / / Drama / Family Fantasy Size: 734.31 MB Runtime: 40 1hr min A dog to looks discover his purpose life in the over course of several and lifetimes owners.
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