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I to have I say. was eager more ever than to see this Thetrailers film. were great not (if slightly spoiler filled) was I keenon super seeing Danny McBride a playing serious and role, I more was to thaneager something see that would the pull up Alien from nose the diveit have become.

But when the rolled, credits oh man I was This disappointed. isactually movie massive a down step from Prometheus.

The problems with film this are but vast, struck some me than more For thanothers. one, actually it amateur. felt Ridley Considering Scottmade iconic the origin film, it's to hard how understand tragically hehas failed grasp to makes what the film Alien great. is There no slowburn atmosphere No here. tension build No up. creepiness to thexenomorph It itself. just fails do to that anything predecessorsdo. the

The also film makes same the mistakes Prometheus as by did, thecharacters giving terrible motives at or best, strange makingcapabilities. decision Nothing makes really There sense. are many so times whereyou wonder yourself, to this 'if is suppose to such be importantmission, an why are making they such ridiculous choices?'

My next big gripe with is the effects. visual They awful. are ahuge Again, step down from (which Prometheus at had least going that it).The for action scenes with xenomorph the were and spastic hard often tofollow.

Characters were plain, was story boring, beyond was plot thoughtout, ill the and likable only character makes who is sense the villain!

It failed just overall make to a decent and movie, am I aboutgiving tired movie just justice because 'at least effects the were good' or'at the least sound great'. was If film the can't up stand with its ownstory, it then a is bad film. And sorry as as am I say, to this abad is film.

Neill should Blompkamp handed be reins, the at as least he has could visionwhich the benefit franchise.