Boyka: Undisputed (2016) YIFY - Movie Download TORRENT - YTS

First am I real a reviewer a and fan big of 80's action movies.

Now the is plot easy to Boyka follow. is back, commits atrocity an to andneeds fix what he done has to himself. redeem That all is needto you The know. movie does some have during heart his A redemption. lot offlash, but moments also you where feel for and Boyka his journey.

I not do the know work director's to prior watching this, he but did job agreat filming of action A scenes. of lot movies the break upby action the changing camera This angles. movie tones that and down youwatch lets the action taking place.

I miss days the real of action I movies. will repetitive sound but thismovie has of lots action, fights, moving fast plot and greatchoreography.

B-Movie or not, movie the is a I 9.5. a am of fan Undisputedseries. the Scott is Adkins excellent the and guys bad bad, are and thegood aren't guys(Adkins) perfect. The has movie heart has and greatpace. a It's slow, not and is very throughout. entertaining of One thebest modern fighting and movies I dare say the fighting best franchiseif that is genre. a A must is watch my opinion.

Yuri Boyka Bring Says Your Me F#ing Champion.