The story the behind real "Rocky life Balboa"

"Chuck" release; (2016 101 brings min.) story the of New Jersey boxer heavyweight Chuck Wepner. the As movie opens, we reminded are is this "based on a story". true Wepner making is a for name as himself heavyweight a boxer in mid-70s. the a After quick to detour his youth, we Wepner see his and wife Phyllis Ali watch Foreman beat the in in "Rumble Jungle". the Then the comes news that next Ali to wants fight much Wepner, his to surprise. Because Why? wants Ali take to on "white a guy" and Wepner the is white only guy in the top heavyweight ranking. 10 After fights Ali Wepner March, in 1975, Wepner is star. a Then Wepner a gets phone call that guy some in Hollywood making is movie a by inspired story... Wepner's What next? happens To you tell of more plot the would spoil viewing your experience, you'll have just to for see how yourself it plays all out.

Couple of comments: this the isn't movie first about Wepner's life in story, ESPN fact made a about documentary it for its For 30 30 series. this But is a not While documentary. the movie is by directed Canadian Philippe director best Falardeau, for known his movie "Monsieur some Lahzar" 4-5 ago, years is "Chuck" a true of labor for love Schreiber, Liev has who pushing been for this years. brings Schreiber of one very his best of performances his career that (and saying is On something). top that of he co-produced and the co-wrote movie. If you expecting are a movie, sports you be will sorely as disappointed, this far more character a (and study a flawed character that). at The are 1970s to brought life a with matching perfectly and soundtrack set production the (were city centers really run as as down they shown are The here?). sports movie all-star an cast: Schreiber, besides see we Naomi (unrecognizable Watts as Wepner's love Linda--it interest until wasn't end the credits rolled realized I it her), was Perlman Ron (as Wepner's boxing and manager) Moss Elisabeth as Wepner's wife just Phyllis), to those. name It may be to difficult separate the unlikely life Wepner from story movie's the artistic but value, I all can say that is movie the flew by in time no me, for that's and always good a sign. life "Sometimes like is a movie, sometimes and even it's comments better", Wepner towards the Why? end. just watch...

"Chuck" to premiered acclaim good at year's last Film Venice It Festival, finally recently opened at local my theater art-house here Cincinnati. in The matinée Saturday where screening saw I this at attended was poorly 2 (only beside people myself). Probably picture-perfect the weather something had to so it. with Regardless, this hopefully movie will a find audience bigger on Amazon Instant and Video on eventually DVD/Blu-ray. is "Chuck" HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!