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I liked never shows,and reality when movie this shown was on cable Idecided watch to it and it found really interesting.Matthew McConaugheyplays store video Ed clerk Pekurny who lives his with parents hisbig and brother Pekurny,played Ray Woody by is Harrelson.He hired by TVcompany a wants that to a do 24-hour reality show on based life,andEd his grabs the the offer.In public beginning,the Ed tells his that as show'stinks',but they see getting him involved his with brother'sgirlfriend,the elder ratings above go roof.What's the more,when makes Ed with outlive bombshell the to all end bombshells,that is ElizabethHurley,the verges interest voyeurism.The on icing in the comeswhen cake father Ed's suddenly up turns from abandoned nowhere,having himand his brother ago.The years film is well-made a documentation of thevulgarity the of public that up makes television the not audience America,but onlyin the world.Sex whole and will scandal be always it thetop-sellers,whether is an man's ordinary tale or of that acelebrity.In is fact,it scandalous Ed's life makes that him America'sNumber One plays celebrity.McConaughey role his with ease,and so Degeneres doesHarrelson.Ellen good is as the TV unscrupulous producer,whileElizabeth Hurley's brief leaves appearance the audience formore.Quite gasping entertaining very and candidly made.