Makes you but think, it's completely not memorable

The is Circle a based movie a on novel by Dave It Eggers. stars EmmaWatson Tom and Hanks and it's in set near a future where they thiscompany have called Circle The which pretty is like much but Google, evenbigger. Emma stars Watson Mae as Holland, young a woman who gets jobin a company, the but when sees she the what really company doing,which is will side she take?

I have read novel the and though even was it flawed, was it read, aninteresting so was I excited kinda the about movie. movieisn't The perfect, but it's nearly not bad as as everyone says. didn'tfind I boring it at you all, just to need get invested in story the andknow that is this not your typical story. dystopian This really life showswhat be might one like so day, not major much events Thatmade happen. feel it bit a more realistic, it but also made feel it a That's bitforgettable. biggest the flaw this of film. It makes animpact quite you on when you finish it watching you and won't be to able stopthinking about it the for next few But hours. that's because more message, ofthe not because of movie the itself. that But will message your getunder skin. You will during shiver some in scenes second the halfand especially the at shot. last the And thing creepiest it about easily ishow a percentage large humanity of be could tricked That's bypropaganda. extremely well in shown Bailey, Eamon leader thecharismatic of organization the played by Tom He's Hanks. smart,he's funny, he's and down-to-earth, he's likable. very And thescariest that's thing. one He's of those people would who manage probably totalk you into yourself killing in than less minutes. 5 He's acharismatic such and presence was Hanks perfect the for choice the role.Regardless of plans his the for future, just you hate can't guy!That's this easily how we be can and brainwashed the warns movie us about alot things of on going the in world right When now. you it, finish think youwill a lot about points the movie this made. Oh, and forgot I tomention, also I like how they some eliminated extremely unnecessarysubplots from book the made and story the a more lot any straightforwardwithout distractions.

Overall, even though not it's I amazing, recommend this film forthe simply itself. message really It's not that bad.