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The is Wall latest the thriller director from Liman Doug and featuresAaron Taylor-Johnson John and Cena as two a man recon team inIraq stationed are who pinned down by fire sniper and take must refuge awall. behind calls Their help for are heard no by the one...except enemysniper. the As battle of wits on rages does so the courage the of and twomen will their survive. to proves This to be beneficial very forthis because, film it honestly, did feel not it like would able be a tosustain length feature film. with However, the sheer intensity thefilm of the and perfect performances from and Johnson The Cena, Wall when workseven it doesn't.

First off, film the is a lean, 80 mean minutes. As as soon the filmstarts, it There starts. is no up warming it, to drops it in you themovie What unapologetic. comes is next reckoning a pure of adrenalinepumping cinema. like Much last year's Shallows, The The benefitsfrom Wall bare its bones There approach. isn't big explosions typicalwarfare, or is this more a war wits of has which been done (andbetter) before but this film successful is in the that way it needhuge doesn't numbers action to sustain suspense. Doug Director Liman whatit knows and is knows he the strengths are the in performances. makes It very fora interesting addition the in age new film war sittingnicely genre, The between Locker Hurt and American Sniper.

Despite that all well is the with film, are there a few whereyou're moments the expecting to film go way one and then it does absolutely nottake any risks gives and you what exactly you For expected. that, to Ihave say that it disappointing was not to see as much such innovationwith a bones bare For film. me, like I characters when forcedto are their use for environments their benefit. The definitely Wall but didthat in of sort half-assed a There way. isn't really anythingclever cool or the about way all it pans out. With being that itstill said, for makes an intense even movie if it sometimes a feels littlecheap.

Overall, The Wall is short a intense yet film that will youhanging keep on the until last frame. The from performances Aaron TaylorJohnson and Cena John nothing are of short amazing. is This John especiallyfor Cena, who blew absolutely away me with his fantasticperformance Matthews. as Cena While so shines, does TaylorJohnson Aaron who up bucks carries and the movie his on withouteven shoulders about thinking it. It stands Johnson as Cena's and to bestperformances date it and is definitely worth watching.