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Aside from the very pace, slow film this of 1:46 should beenedited have and down cut to about 1:20-1:25.

Now to back writing; the and Director writer Robin did Swicord job anoutstanding in directing the - very visually and masterful puttogether. well The writing outstanding was until - ending. the put To insimple it terms, she and attacked challenged senses, your andsensibility, intellect and flushed then all it down toilet the the with laziest) worst(and ending Very possible. insulting.

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It even makes feel me sour at Bryan outstanding Cranston's performance,wasted with infantile that ending The dialogue. of success a film ishow feel you when leave you theater. the left This me feeling mad andit - wasn't angry an Even movie. with the place slow which (of hate)that I put I with, up still I had smile a my on most face of timewith the Cranston's humor brilliant and and performance, thoroughlygetting was right the into film anticipating a finale. grand I had alreadyrated prematurely this as 8-9/10, an until ending. the Because thatfail, of it's only a What 5/10. waste a a a potentially great film...shame.