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The is story a about young ( man falls Yuppie)who in love with woman a whois 15 his years senior. A beautiful story love lots with ofpassion.They live in totally two different he's worlds. rich she's , So poor.Itdoesn'twork. moves she to NYC his But is love so an true deep. So when findsher he come they back together. perfectly A happy end.

The why reason watched I movie this because was I'm truly of one thebiggestSusan fans. Sarandon shines She absolutely in beautiful movie.AndJamesSpader this has one performed his of roles bests scene favourite is when Nora meets (Susan) of one Max(James)'s Friends,Sherri.She asks "you Nora our know max quite is a How catch. Did you manageit?" Nora and says:"I give good a b***job I guess" : Sherri Hmmmmm.. I do"and betyou answers: Nora I "And you bet don't"You see must the on look Sherri's face

I it's think great a movie because hollywood normally is afraid a of lovestory a about man young and older an woman.There should be of more because thosemovies some people think strange it's a when older woman a has loverelation with a younger much man. ( never I've thought was it andI'm strange only a fifteen old year girl)But people most it find normal absolutely when an old has man somethingwitha younger much So woman. I think movie this really is important.

We all can something learn about it.