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I this saw TIFF at and point the movie this was trying to becameclear make fairly early That's on. not necessarily a thing, bad as but thestory developed, the and analogies symbolism into went overkill, thepoint to their where nature excessive diminished what an was interestingstory.

The is movie helmed Jennifer by Lawrence and Javier two Bardem, particularly actorsI'm fond of. short The of summary movie this that is a theyare couple who in live a remote beautiful, One home. night takein they unwanted an house (Harris), guest at more choosing Bardem's thanLawrence's. leads This to countless other guests house invasionsfrom and the outside world, to often detriment the of & Bardem Lawrence'sbeautiful and home, Lawrence's well-being.

As the movie goes these on, violations the against home and Lawrenceget bizarre increasingly and excessive. get They on laid thick so if that,even you figured have out analogy the the by point midway of themovie enjoy and the way movie the is it's getting across, point thesheer that madness transpires in the half second the of film is likelyto you sour the on overkill applied the to message.

It becomes fairly apparent the that house and character Lawrence's fromwhich movie the titled is represent our planet. characterrepresents Bardem's a (in creator/God his credits, is character simply known as'Him'). and Harris Pfeiffer, original, the guests, invasive are theoriginal & Man (Adam Woman Eve), & from and a there, of lot the descends plotinitially biblical from and references then His into desire toprovide his for and followers be to adored them, by ignorant of howdetrimental are they to the house Mother. and

At the end, very the becomes house overpopulated people with who areboth zealots warmongers and descend who into utter 'WTF' whilethey madness destroy home, the the murder couple's and child, Mother force down toburn home the so she painstakingly created, killing it. everyoneinside the After fire, carries He out, her recreates and homewith the a Mother. new

As said, I it's story a thick on symbolism message. and personallyliked I they what were going but for, think could it been have a muchbetter movie they if done had it far subtly with than the they extremeoverkill employed in the half second of this film. at Looking I thereviews, a see lot people of by torn this movie, I and forthese think reasons. Some people clue didn't the into very message well thought andjust it a was that movie made no Others sense. not may the haveliked pro-environment analogies, while may some loved have the howexcessive movie it's hammered home. point group Another felthow likely I did that - plot the and was point unique interesting, and thesheer but the madness film careened during into the half second wasextremely excessive.

Overall, give I it a with 6/10, disappointment a that promising conceptwasn't more executed sensibly.