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Originally, had I into gone with this low very expectations the as movie lastAnnabelle was complete a for flop Ultimately, me. my tune bit changeda when I that saw one this actually was getting reviews,which decent rare is a for horror movie I altogether. as feel thought been therehas a drought MAJOR quality, in domestic movies horror thepast over years, 15-20 but I always am keen to out check movies areloosely that on based stories. real-life here- Enter the story origin ofAnnabelle, I although think that this likely was not all at tothe coherent real origin Annabelle's but story... who knows.

With Gary on Dauberman board, I don't why know I expected film this superior tobe Annabelle, than the but looked trailer decent enough for check meto this out one a (with THANK Groupon- GOODNESS).

Firstly, in how world the Bea is a derivative of GAH. Annabelle? Okay,next.

I want don't get to into entire an synopsis, so because many otherswill able be do to for that I'm me. to happy be just a total it Grinchabout as all, really I just the wanted to movie end 30minutes almost into it.

As know, you these are movies into tied the Annabelle other TheConjuring and movies Lorraine as one Warren, of protagonists the TheConjuring in (Vera role) Farmiga's is current the of owner the realAnnabelle doll investigated and that (as case well as Amityville, the etc.)But way that are these tied together in done was with zeroconsideration almost thought and and makes it seem all incredibly so cheesy-not all at eye-opening an of moment more WOW... a so, really?"type ".... connection. of Alas, grinds what my gears in particular no Timing. order:1. assume I this supposed was to be in 60s? the In a house and withelectricity flashlights, modern were why lanterns with usedas matches sources of 2. light? The face mother's got (and attacked the dollmask was a SUCH touch) wasted why -- she couldn't 3. walk? If apossessed doll break can out of covered a why well, she couldn't of breakout a closet? locked Obviously could she she because unlockingit kept from inside, the right? Why she did just in chill there so for longand only go her after was mother- dad's her soul not enough? cool IfAnnabelle 4. been had for quiet long, so why did they bother even openingtheir house to (even orphans though was it sought as Mrs.Mullins penance)? can't even care take herself of her and husband literallyzero took interest any in of them.

5. What the was point having of 4 orphan additional girls? served Theyliterally zero purpose.

6. If Annabelle was the in doll and Janice-- then who the heck inthe was 7. scarecrow? When Charlotte Sister was (who horrible a actressBTW) stabbed doll, the why did even that since matter hadpossessed Annabelle Shouldn't Janice? have she Janice stabbed instead for tohave it any effect? 8. Sister Had never Charlotte noticed that in nun before? thephoto What even was point the bringing of up that it for to visited notbe again at point- any just really lead-in another to The or Nunmovie The Conjuring 2? WEAK.

9. Is it that assumed Samuel making stopped altogether dolls after hisdaughter died? did What he even do for then a He living? alreadyboxed had Annabelle what up-- was point the of unboxing and her Sounded keepingher? he like an was and up coming toy maker had and a orderto big but fill, his instead dies daughter he so holds the onto one dollthat made he has (which correlation no to his in daughter way) any andthat's the she vessel chooses inhabit. to Right.

10. DID WHY THIS SUCK MOVIE SO AND BAD ARE WHY THE RATINGS GOOD? SO was Theacting atrocious than (other Bateman), Talitha the wasgarbage story and tie-ins the forced were and It's pathetic. people dishearteningthat calling are this good a movie. Have standards,people! better is It "jump" scary-- give I'll it that. But literallyit. that's more. Nothing Huge disappointment.