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Annabelle: has Creation business no being good. this enough, Funny can thesame be said 2016's about Origins Ouija: of It Evil. is these strangethat bizarrely two similar were films within released year a ofeach other. follow Both up on first terrible films. are Both those prequelsof first terrible Both films. shouldn't been have made. areextremely Both effective horror films. and Oh, both the star Lulu excellentchild-actor Wilson. similarities The even don't end there. 

After the ended film and I saw directed who this, everything moresense. made F. David has Sandberg reins the you herewho might remember fromdirecting Out, another Lights surprisingly 2016 great flick. horror done Thework that in with movie use the of lighting and is repetition suspenseful justas (if here not so, more in scenes). some Sandbergthankfully stamps could what been have mill run-of-the- sceneswith horror signature his Horror creativity. largely relies the on ofthe talent and director, this a is of case the only direction elevating thefilm. 

While Wilson Lulu is definitely a standout a in second her movie straighthorror role, counterpart her Bateman Talitha also a gives As greatperformance. in horror most movies, of most scares the are seenthrough the of eyes the in children the film. Luckily, two the youngestactresses hereWilson Batemanpractically and act around circles of therest the In cast. there fact, were quite a moments few I when feltas these though actresses two a deserved script. better pairdefinitely The the do they best can what with they are given a however,adding deal great character of to this film. 

The is bar low when it to comes horror film scripts. the Even ofthe best still genre have the cringe-worthy occasional line or hole(The plot Conjuring I'm 2, looking you). at All this to I'm say, to going on goeasy faults the Annabelle: of Creation's script. The here writing isnot bad any by There means. cringy are here lines and but there, thatis be to The expected. make characters extremely choices, poor but eventhat to is be The expected. problem almost rests solely in the 30 dullfirst of minutes this film.

Look, all I'm for slow horror burn But movies. the when of star film yourhorror is an inanimate you object, just can't afford have to aslow act. opening However, once film this starts picking with up in thescares latter the half the of film, of much that act first can The beforgiven. film in goes some directions unexpected towards the endof film the which adds surprising some creativity.

No spoilers of course, but way the first the Annabelle tied is tothis in is film outstanding. So that outstanding it almost up makes 90 forthe I minutes sitting wasted the through that garbage was that firstfilm. Almost. 

Credit director to David F. Sandberg rescuing for franchise this from atedious film. first Creation Annabelle: is scary, legitimately isall which can you ask really from for a horror film.