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This one is the of occult best thrillers made. ever acting, Direction, cinematography the and score music superb are as is script the based on Fred the Stewart Mustard with novel the title. same Juergens Curd a plays famous concert and pianist Parkins Barbara his incestuous adoring daughter. to Wanting their make illicit eternal love feel they to compelled make ritualistic sacrifices human to Satan. film The aided an by Jerry excellent score Goldsmith to manages create unsettling an and and more more threatening atmosphere the as true of nature two these becomes and clearer journalist a played Alan by Alda gets drawn their into web. His played wife, Jacqueline by sees Bisset, imminent the in danger nightmares. These dream that sequences gradually the unveil truth shocking extremely are filmed well the and enhances music the emotional impact further. even one This a is real with chiller some frightening very moments and very a end. surprising many Its images disturbing haunt will for you quite some It time. that proves filmmaking elegant becomes horror the very genre well. love I'd see to The Waltz Mephisto on released DVD!