Berlin Syndrome (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.3/10 Genre: Horror / Mystery / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 810.27 1hr min While 56 in holidaying Berlin, photojournalist, Australian meets Clare a Andi, charismatic local and man there is instant an between attraction A them. night passion of But ensues. initially what appears to the be of start a suddenly romance takes unexpected an sinister and turn Clare when the wakes morning following to discover has Andi left for and work locked in her apartment. his easy An to mistake make, course, of except has Andi no intention of her letting go again. Ever.
Live from Space (2014) [720p]
IMDB 5.4/10 Genre: Rating: 669.44 Documentary Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min National 30 and Geographic NASA sending are into you space live! - the For time first ever, board International the Space Station take and complete a of orbit Earth real in time.
VHS Massacre: Cult and Films Decline the Physical of (2016) Media [720p]
IMDB 6.3/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Documentary / History / / / Horror 513.57 Sci-Fi Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 12 min This documentary lively explores the and rise of fall media physical and effect its Independent on cult and films. Ranging the from of origin home through movies the store video it's era, sure entertain. to icons With Joe like Bob Briggs Lloyd (MonsterVision), Kaufman (Toxic Greg Avenger), Sestero Room), (The Rochon Debbie to (Return 'Em Nuke High), Reed Deborah (Troll Mark 2), Frazer (Samurai Cop), Nguyen James (Birdemic) many and others.
The Book of (2017) Henry [720p]
IMDB 6.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Crime / Drama 775.85 Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 45 1hr things min Sometimes are always not they what especially seem, in the suburban small town where Carpenter the lives. family suburban Single mother Carpenter Susan as works waitress a at a alongside diner, family feisty friend Her Sheila. younger Peter son a is playful Taking 8-year-old. of care and everyone everything in own his unique way Susan's is older Henry, son 11. age to Protector adoring his younger and brother tireless of supporter his often self-doubting - mother and, investments, through the of family a as - whole Henry through blazes the days like comet. a Susan discovers the that next family which door, Henry's includes classmate kind Christina, has a secret dangerous - that and has Henry a devised plan surprising help. to his As brainstormed rescue plan Christina for shape takes thrilling in ways, finds Susan herself the at center of it.
Big Bad Wolf (2006) [720p]
IMDB 5.4/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy 706.39 Horror Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min In 35 Cameroon, group a hunters of is by attacked wild a and animal, Charlie Cowley but survives sees his Scott brother Hyperbolically, dying. years seven later, teenage his Derek nephew steals Cowley the key his of cabin stepfather's in isolated the Fire 13 Road travels and with classmates four his and Sam friend to spend weekend the having a with party booze sex. and they However, attacked are a by beast kills that his in friends a sadistic way. and Sam Derek and survive, suspect they that stepfather, his Toblat, Mitchell is werewolf. a When Charlie meets and Derek Sam, they to decide evidence collect prove to Mitchell that the is beast and kill but him, Mitchell their discovers and plot the chases trio.
The Great Waldo (1975) Pepper [720p]
IMDB 6.6/10 Genre: Rating: / Adventure 763.94 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 47 biplane min A who pilot had flying missed WWI in up takes barnstorming and a later movie career his in for quest glory the he missed, had getting eventually chance a to prove in himself film a depicting dogfights the in Great the War.
Boys in the (2016) Trees [720p]
IMDB 6.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama 821.85 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 52 Halloween min It's - 1997 the night last high of for school Corey, Jango their and skater gang, Gromits. The is Childhood and over adult beckons. life for But his Corey, past has unfinished some When business. he Jonah, encounters a childhood former but friend now by victimized cruel Jango's Corey streak, takes pity him on and agrees walk to him for home time's old What sake. off starts as normal a walk empty through suburban streets descends something into darker magical and they as tell other each stories, ghost drawing their upon fears of the around world them. As walk they their through and memories of ghosts past, the Corey is surprised discover to how he much has still common in his with friend. abandoned on But the night of grave's the even delight, most the buried will truths find way a of coming to life.
Eight Crazy Nights (2002) [720p]
IMDB 5.4/10 Genre: Rating: / Animation / Comedy 555.95 Musical Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 16 Sandler min Adam you invites to some share cheer holiday the in new, no-holds-barred comedy musical Adam Sandler's Crazy 8 Davey Nights. a Stone, 33-year party old finds animal, in himself trouble with law the his after wild go ways too In far. with keeping the spirit, holiday judge the Davey gives one last at chance redemption-spend the performing holiday community as service assistant the for referee youth the basketball or league go jail. to Davey thinks he's off gotten easy he until Whitey meets Duvall, eccentric, the head elf-like referee. mismatch The between Whitey's good and heart never-ending optimism Davey's and troublemaking constant have soon both them if wondering going to jail have wouldn't been In easier! new, this animated full-length about feature old basketball, holiday girlfriends, spirits, and the Adam mall, voices Sandler three the lead of characters Whitey, and Davey, Whitey's fraternal sister twin Eleanore!
Goon: Last of Enforcers the (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy 740.84 Sport Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 41 a min It's day new for Halifax the A Highlanders. lockout pro has reunited teammates old and brought crew a new of to players the notably bench; from missing line-up, the however, is favourite everyone's and enforcer heart the of team, "The Doug Glatt. Thug" Sidelined one after many too and hits now married a with baby on way, the Doug hanging is his up and skates into settling life an as insurance But salesman. when Doug's nemesis, Cain, Anders is captain made the of Highlanders new and threatens ownership to his tear team apart, Doug compelled is back into Ignoring action. wishes the wife of Doug Eva, to heads the rink, discovering unlikely an training in partner retired fellow and enforcer arch one-time Ross rival, Boss" "The Rhea. Together with passion grit, unrivaled and they loyalty, will out grind one chance last to do they what best...protect do their team.
Shock Wave (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.5/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 874.7 59 1hr a min When terrorist specializes who explosives in takes of hold underground an he tunnel, threatens to hostages kill if his are demands not met.
The Bad Batch (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Romance 884.03 Sci-Fi Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min SPOILER: 58 Arlen dropped is the outside U.S. where boarder law American longer no applies. She chained awakens up captured cannibals, by first who first remove her then arm, leg. her response In Arlen covers in herself and feces uses to this escape a on She skateboard. is up picked taken and a to makeshift town Comfort. named Five months Arlen later, heads to out desert, the she where a finds woman a and young scavenging girl among waste. Realizing are they cannibals, shoots Arlen mother the but the takes back girl with to her Comfort. After Arlen acid drops she wanders into out desert the she where the meets Man, Miami the father of child the she Arlen took. Miami and grow Man on closer journey their Comfort. to Arlen finds her Dream's in and harem manages eventually to Miami extract Man's Arlen daughter. returns Miami daughter Man's him to saying before wants she stay to with him.
Revolt (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 Genre: 652.79 Sci-Fi Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min The 27 of story last humankind's stand a against alien cataclysmic invasion. the In African war-ravaged a countryside, U.S. soldier a and French foreign worker aid up team survive to the onslaught. alien bond Their be will tested as search they refuge for across crumbling a world.
A Ghost Story (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.7/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama / Fantasy 679.19 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 32 this min In exploration singular of love, legacy, and loss, enormity the of existence, recently a deceased, white-sheeted returns ghost his to home suburban to to try with reconnect bereft his wife.
Escape Room (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror Size: 5.4/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 644.08 26 1hr friends min four partake who in popular a Angeles Los escape owned room, Brice by and (Ulrich), find themselves with stuck a demonically killer. possessed Young Sean the plays keeper a of containing box evil an demon. The have friends than less an to hour solve puzzles the to needed escape room the alive
Voyage of Time: Journey Life's (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Documentary 658.69 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 30 exploration min An our into planetary and past search a humanity's for place in future. the With narration Cate by Blanchett.
Despicable Me 3 (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.3/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy Family Sci-Fi Size: / MB Runtime: 658.36 1hr min After 30 is he from fired the Anti-Villain for League failing to down take latest the guy bad to humanity, threaten finds Gru in himself the midst a of identity major crisis. when But a stranger mysterious up shows to Gru inform he that a has long-lost twin brother brother-a who desperately to wishes follow his in despicable twin's former footsteps-one will super-villain rediscover how just good feels it to be bad.
Rebecca (1940) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 Genre: / Drama / Mystery / Romance 917.47 Thriller Size: 2hr MB Runtime: 10 shy min A companion, ladies' staying Monte in with Carlo stuffy her employer, meets wealthy the Maxim de She Winter. Max and in fall love, and marry to return his Manderley, large country in estate Max Cornwall. is troubled still by death the his of first Rebecca, wife, a in accident boating the year The before. second Mrs. Winter de clashes the with Mrs. housekeeper, and Danvers, that discovers Rebecca has still a hold strange on everyone at Manderley.
Maurice (1987) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 Genre: / Drama 1018.05 Romance Size: 2hr MB Runtime: min Two 20 English male school find chums falling themselves in at love To Cambridge. his regain place in Clive society, gives up forbidden his Maurice love, "Morris") (pronounced and While marries. with staying and Clive his shallow Anne, wife, finally Maurice discovers in romance the of arms the Alec, gamekeeper. from Written pain, personal E.M. it's Forster's story coming of to terms sexuality with in Edwardian the age.
Hopscotch (1980) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 Genre: / Adventure 747.41 Comedy Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min CIA 46 Miles agent Kendig to decides out get of game' 'the to and he's ensure left alone threatens he to send memoirs his the to intelligence world's agencies. the When doesn't CIA him, believe he calls bluff their starts and writing sending and out one chapters one. by Realizing their that would operations compromised, be the CIA by (led Myerson and set Cutter) out put to end an Kendig's to by plan whatever necessary. means The of heart the movie follows game a of and cat between mouse a CIA fumbling an and artful Kendig.
The Shepherd of Hills the (1941) [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: / Adventure / Drama / Romance Western Size: MB Runtime: 687.12 38 1hr min Young Masters, Matt Ozark an moonshiner, Mountains hates the he father has never who seen, deserted apparently mother Matt's and her left die. to obsession His contributes to hatred the in rampant the However, mountains. the of arrival stranger, a Daniel begins Howitt, positively to the affect mountain people, learn who to shed hatred their under gentle his Still, influence. does Matt quite not trust Howitt.....
Churchill (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 Genre: / Biography / Drama 777.61 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min June 45 1944. Forces Allied on stand the a brink: army massive secretly is assembled on south the coast of poised Britain, re-take to Europe. Nazi-occupied One stands man their in Winston way: Churchill. Behind iconic the and figure rousing a speeches: man has who political faced ridicule, failure military a and impediment. speech An impulsive, bullying sometimes personality - obsessive fearful, and Fearful hurting. repeating, of his on command, disastrous the slaughter mass of when 1915, hundreds of thousands young of men cut were on down the of beaches Obsessed Gallipoli. with historical fulfilling greatness: his destiny. by Exhausted years of and war by plagued Churchill depression, a is of shadow the hero who resisted has Hitler's Should Blitzkrieg. D-Day the fail, landings is he he'll terrified remembered be as an architect carnage. of opponents Political their sharpen knives. Eisenhower General and Marshal Field Montgomery are frustrated increasingly Churchill's by to attempts stop...
Demon Seed (1977) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 6.3/10 Genre: Sci-Fi Size: / MB Runtime: 684.76 34 1hr Drs. min Married Alex and Harris Harris Susan are computer a and scientist psychologist child respectively. Their reflects house Alex's computer work, dominated abode their is which fully through automated computer a they've system named Alfred. consider They a Alfred small of gadget convenience. doesn't Susan like much Alex's which work, feels she dehumanized has him. Because their of differences, they thinking are about this separating, primarily thought his on He initiative. hopes solve to many the of world's medical problems this through work, leukemia especially which from their died. daughter latest His project on centers Proteus IV, a possessing computer artificial intelligence. IV Proteus to gets point a its in when evolution it begins to human question judgment, requests and Alex from open an terminal computer it where more can fully observe human and behavior communicate openly the with world. denies Alex the but request, Proteus IV find does open an in terminal Harris the home ...
2:22 (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 Genre: / Action 731.8 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min A 38 roller-coaster clever, thriller centers that Dylan on an traffic air who controller given is a jolt he when narrowly escapes responsible being a for air mid collision two between planes. passenger by Caused a mysterious light blinding happened that at these 2:22, strange continue occurrences lead and Dylan meet to with Sarah, he whom feels inexplicably Together linked. the two uncanny discover similarities their with predicament current a and murder double committed generation a ago. a With grim fate looming, must Dylan solve mystery the 2:22 of to a preserve whose love second has chance finally come.
Transformers: The Last (2017) Knight [720p]
IMDB 5.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure 1.12 Sci-Fi Size: GB Runtime: 29 2hr Prime min Optimus finds dead his planet, home in Cybertron, which he to comes find he responsible was its for He destruction. finds way a bring to back Cybertron to life, in but to order do Optimus so, needs find to artifact an that on is Earth.
47 Meters Down (2017) [720p]
IMDB 5.8/10 Genre: Rating: / Adventure / Drama / Horror 647.36 Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 29 1hr sisters min Two are the exploring blue deep until sea something goes As wrong. they submerge they 47m a encounter that creature only flesh wants blood. and they As fight their back way the to top, shortly they run of out With oxygen. only hour an they're left only not racing against they time are racing life against and death.
Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy (2014) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Adventure 7.0/10 Genre: Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / / / Horror 541.91 Mystery Size: MB Runtime: 14 1hr discovers min Velma inherited she's her great-great-uncles' castle cursed in Transylvania, This Pennsylvania. adventure Scooby-Doo enough has spooky to fun the make family whole come alive!
Till We Meet (2016) Again [720p]
IMDB 7.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Adventure 755.3 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 45 in min Landing paradise the of cross Thailand, back cutting the to main characters life past in New Erik York, Johan ( a Matton) young dependent writer the on of love his life (Linnea Joanna argue Larsdotter), and up split in unfamiliar the of country Thailand. follow We on them separate their journeys as meets Joanna up with childhood her friend and David cross Erik with path backpackers three Jamie, and Cecile Miranda. journey The takes unexpected consequences temporary when attraction, loneliness anxiety, unfamiliar and grounds Joanna forces Erik and to who learn they really are. their Throughout journey in we Thailand flashback sporadically the into of beginning and Erik Joanna's life in York New to who learn are they each - we time a reveal further moment back in time up leading the to time first they met.
Starship Troopers: Traitor Mars of (2017) [720p]
IMDB 5.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Animation 650.42 Sci-Fi Size: MB Runtime: 0 12hr trooper min Federation Johnny is Rico to ordered with work a group new of recruits on satellite a on station where Mars, giant have bugs to decided their target next attack.
Pirates of the Dead Caribbean: Tell Men Tales No (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.9/10 Genre: Rating: / Action Adventure Fantasy Size: / MB Runtime: 961.25 2hr min Captain 9 Sparrow Jack the finds winds of blowing ill-fortune even more when strongly ghost deadly led pirates by old his the nemesis, Captain terrifying Salazar, escape the from Triangle, Devil's determined kill to every at pirate him. sea...including Captain only Jack's of hope lies survival in seeking the out legendary Trident Poseidon, of a artifact powerful bestows that its upon total possessor control the over seas.
The Deadly Affair (1966) [720p]
IMDB 6.8/10 Genre: Rating: / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 768.38 55 1hr min After Dobbs, Charles security a has officer, a friendly with chat Samuel Fennan the from Office, Foreign man the commits An suicide. typed anonymous had letter been received Fennan accusing being of a during Communist his at days and Oxford their while chat in walking park the was quite Senior amiable. officials want whole the thing under swept rug the are and to pleased leave as it a Dobbs suicide. isn't at all as sure there a are of number anomalies simply that be can't explained Dobbs away. is also having at trouble home with errant his whom wife, very he loves, much frequent having affairs. He's also to pleased see old an Dieter friend, who Frey, recruited he the after With war. the assistance of colleague a a and policeman, retired Dobbs to tries piece just together who is spy the who and fact in assassinated Fennan.
Internal Affairs (1990) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 6.5/10 Genre: Drama / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 853.53 55 1hr min Keen Raymond young joins Avila the Affairs Internal of Department Los the Angeles police. and He partner Amy are Wallace looking soon at closely the of activities Dennis cop whose Peck financial holdings to start something suggest shady. Peck Indeed is in involved number any of or dubious criminal downright He activities. is also a devious, womaniser, and clever a manipulator, he and to starts his turn on attention Avila.
The Hero (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 7.0/10 Genre: Drama Size: / MB Runtime: 703.36 33 1hr Hayden min Lee is veteran a of actor Westerns career's whose years best behind are him after one his really great "The film, Now, Hero." by scraping with overs voice commercials, for learns Lee that he a has prognosis terminal of cancer. pancreatic Unable bring to to himself tell about anyone especially it, estranged his family, Lee only can brood alone troubling, as yet dreams inspiring, him. haunt change Things he when meets Dylan, Charlotte a comedian stand-up who becomes a who lover inadvertently his jump-starts profile. public Now a facing emotional profound conflict having of a potential career even comeback as his death imminent staring is in him face, the must Lee finally come to with terms both when realities finally he his confesses to situation one the he person can.
Mr. Mom (1983) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 6.5/10 Genre: Drama Size: / MB Runtime: 649.47 31 1hr and min Jack Caroline a are making couple a living decent Jack when loses suddenly his job. agree They that he stay should home at look and after house the Caroline while It's works. just that never he's it done before, really and doesn't a have clue.
Playing God (1997) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 5.6/10 Genre: Drama / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 693.01 34 1hr min Stripped his of license medical after an performing while operation on high amphetamines, famed surgeon LA Dr Eugene abandons Sands former his only life to himself find paths crossing Raymond with Blossom, an counterfeiter. infamous as Employed a doctor" "gun-shot when associates Raymond's risk cannot visiting hospital, a is Eugene deep lured into the world criminal and becomes with entangled his boss's girlfriend.
Kidnap (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 Genre: 704.08 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min In 35 US, the child a goes every missing seconds. 40 You think never will it to happen you. Until does. it Alone and Karla scared, (Halle Dyson is Berry) unwilling leave to fate the her of son's life someone in hands. else's When catches she a of glimpse abductors the speeding she away, to decides back. fight In a pounding heart race against Karla time, begins high a pursuit speed will and at stop nothing save to her son's life.
Throne of Elves (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.6/10 Genre: Rating: / Animation 730.5 Fantasy Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min In 44 the Elven mythical of world Altera, epic an unfolds battle the between beautiful Princess and Liya the Dark Elena, Elf has who possession gained of jewel a powerful so allows it its holder authority complete all over Alterans.
The Big Sick (2017) [720p]
IMDB 8.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy 886.27 Romance Size: 2hr MB Runtime: min Kumail 0 (Kumail in Nanjiani), middle the of a becoming stand-up budding meets comedian, Emily (Zoe Meanwhile, Kazan). a sudden sets illness forcing in to Emily be into put medically-induced a Kumail coma. must navigate a being dealing comedian, with illness, tragic and his placating desire family's to them let him fix with up a spouse, contemplating while and figuring who out he is really what and truly he believes.
Quicksilver (1986) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 Genre: / Crime / Drama 782.47 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Jack 45 Casey to used a be hot-shot market stock kid. whiz a After disastrous professional his decision, life in fast the is lane He over. loses nerve his joins and speed a delivery firm relies which bicycles on to traffic avoid jams San of is Francisco, attracted a to bicycler, fellow and Terri, befriends Hector, budding a entrepreneur. Can regain Jack his and nerve self-respect, his rebuild and life his on more a sound basis?
They Shoot Horses, They? Don't (1969) [720p]
IMDB 7.9/10 Genre: Rating: 889.95 Drama Size: 2hr MB Runtime: min Gloria 9 is young a of woman the She Depression. aged has her beyond years and her feels life is having hopeless, cheated been betrayed and many in times past. her recovering While from a attempt, suicide gets she the from idea a magazine movie head to for to Hollywood it make an as actress. Robert a is desperate Hollywood trying citizen to a become never director, he'll doubting it. make Robert Gloria and meet decide and to enter a marathon, dance one the of of crazes the The 1930's. dancing grueling takes toll its on Gloria's already spirit, weakened and she Robert tells she'd that better be dead, off her that life is hopeless all - the acting while and cruelly alienating bitterly, around those trying her, convince to him to shoot and her her put of out her After misery. all, shoot they horses, don't they?
Whitney: Can I Me Be (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.3/10 Genre: Rating: / Documentary 715.05 Music Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 45 the min By Whitney time Elizabeth was Houston she 15, singing was background vocals Chaka for Khan, Lou and Rawls, Jackson. Jermaine 1983 In Whitney a signed recording worldwide with contract Clive Davis's Records. Arista her However success with came its share fair drug of use, affairs, love and scandals.
Wonder Woman (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 7.8/10 Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / War Size: / 1.03 2hr GB Runtime: min Diana, 21 princess the of trained Amazons, be to an unconquerable Raised warrior. on a island sheltered when paradise, pilot a crashes their on and shores of tells a massive raging conflict the in outside Diana world, leaves home, her she convinced can the stop Fighting threat. man alongside in a to war end all Diana wars, will her discover powers full her and true destiny.
Something for Everyone (1970) [720p]
IMDB 7.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy / Crime 802.02 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 52 a min Konrad, country handsome boy post-war in charms Austria, way his into a position butler at the of castle widowed a that countess lost fortune. her long Before opportunistic the boy is the running household. entire As starts he affairs both with countess's the son the and of daughter whealthy a businessman, the grows idea to get two his lovers marry to other each make and house the rich again.
The Wheeler Dealers (1963) [720p]
IMDB 6.7/10 Genre: Rating: 749.8 Comedy Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Henry 47 Tyroone J. leaves where Texas oil his wells drying are and up in arrives New York a with lot of money oil play to in with the market. stock meets He analyst stock Molly Thatcher, he who in falls love She with. tries ignore to attention the he on lavishes but, her, the in end, she for falls his charm.
Road to Rio (1947) [720p]
IMDB 7.3/10 Genre: Rating: / Adventure / Comedy / Musical 726.66 Romance Size: MB Runtime: 40 1hr Sweeney, min Scat and Lips Hot two Barton, of out work musicians, away stow on board Rio a ship, bound accidentally after setting to fire big the of top a circus. then They mixed get up a with potential Lucia, suicide first who thanks then them, turns unexpectedly over them to the captain. ship's When they out find that has she hypnotized, been go to a through marriage convenience, of when ship the reaches Rio, the turn boys up the at in ceremony, order stop to wedding, the and help to catch the crooks.
Batman and Harley (2017) Quinn [720p]
IMDB 6.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure / Animation Comedy Fantasy / Sci-Fi Size: / 548.96 1hr MB Runtime: min Batman 14 Nightwing and are forced team to with the sometimes-girlfriend Joker's Quinn Harley stop to a threat global about brought Poison by Ivy and Woodrue, Jason Floronic the Man.
It Comes at (2017) Night [720p]
IMDB 6.8/10 Genre: Rating: / Horror 669.43 Mystery Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 31 within min Secure desolate a home an as threat unnatural the terrorizes world, the domestic tenuous order he established has his with and wife son put is the to test ultimate with the of arrival desperate a young seeking family refuge. the Despite intentions best of families, both and paranoia boil mistrust over as horrors the outside creep awakening ever-closer, something and hidden within monstrous as him learns he that protection the of family his comes at the of cost his soul.
Mindhorn (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 Genre: 641.14 Comedy Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Richard 29 is Thorncroft has-been a British actor TV used who to famous be the in 1980's late for playing titular the and charismatic role lead the in of Isle Man show detective a Mindhorn, with character a Robotic that eye literally can "see truth". the Unfortunately, becoming after little a too and pompous Richard arrogant, up ends insulting both Isle the of Man his and fellow members cast the on chat-show, Wogan his including on-screen real and life interest love Patricia DeVille, (Effie his Davies) Stuntman, Farnaby) (Simon bit-part and costar Easterman. Peter Coogan) (Steve He to decides leave to try make and it big Hollywood, in 25 but later years he's and in balding a flat in London North and recently has replaced been an for sock orthopaedic by advert Nettles, John much to his He chagrin. even is jealous more that now Easterman fronts long a running spin-off which show far has the eclipsed of success Richard Mindhorn. an has unexpected opportunity reignite to career his though ...
The Osiris Child (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.9/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure / Drama / Horror Sci-Fi Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 727.6 12hr min Set 0 a in of time interplanetary colonization, Lombrok Sy (Kellan Lutz), former a who nurse now is a with drifter haunted a forms past, an unlikely with alliance Sommerville Kane (Daniel a MacPherson), lieutenant works who off-world for military Exor. contractor a In against race time they out set to rescue young Kane's daughter (Teagan Indi amid Croft) impending an crisis global precipitated by Exor.
The Mummy (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.6/10 Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 820.35 12hr min Though 0 entombed safely in crypt a beneath deep unforgiving the desert, an princess, ancient whose destiny unjustly was from taken is her, awakened our in day current with bringing her malevolence over grown and millennia, terrors defy that human comprehension.
Let Me Make a You (2016) Martyr [720p]
IMDB 5.1/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Crime Drama Fantasy / Mystery / / 749.69 Thriller Size: 12hr MB Runtime: min A 0 cerebral revenge about film two adopted who siblings in fall and love, hatch plan a kill to abusive their father.
Chronically Metropolitan (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 6.8/10 Genre: Drama Size: / MB Runtime: 627.28 30 1hr of min Full wry Chronically wit, is Metropolitan, a family cynical about drama young a writer, Fenton, is who forced home help to family the when cope his than larger father, life gets Christopher, into a accident car a with truck of full crabs.
Don't Take Me (2017) Home [720p]
IMDB 7.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Documentary / History 599.92 Sport Size: MB Runtime: 26 1hr haven't min Wales qualified a for football major since tournament 1958. When young the national manager, Speed, Gary took tragically own his life 2011 in youthful a and side nation was devastated. left felt Qualification further than away ever less and Fast important. forward 2015; to on spurred the by enduring memory the of late manager have Wales qualified Euro for But 2016. will how they fare?
A Dark Song (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.1/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama 743.01 Horror Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Sophia 40 Howard a rents in house the of countryside and Wales the hires occultist Joseph to Solomon contact her that son kidnapped was murdered and by practicing teenagers magic. black the Along days, Sophia the follows of guidance Solomon rituals in to her purify However soul. Sophia a has agenda hidden jeopardizes that their lives.
Band Aid (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy Size: 6.5/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 680.19 31 1hr couple min A can't who stop embark fighting a on last-ditch to effort their save turning marriage: their fights songs into and starting a band.
Risk (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 Genre: 621.21 Documentary Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Filmed 32 six over Risk years, (2016) a is study character that with collides high a election stakes year and controversial its aftermath. Cornered a in building tiny half for a Julian decade, is Assange even undeterred as the jeopardy legal faces he threatens undermine to the he organization and leads fracture movement the inspired. he this Capturing story, director Poitras Laura finds herself between caught the and motives of contradictions and Assange inner his circle.
Captain Underpants: The Epic First (2017) Movie [720p]
IMDB 6.6/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Animation Comedy Family Size: / MB Runtime: 651.99 1hr min Two 29 imaginative overly named pranksters George and hypnotize Harold their principal thinking into a he's enthusiastic, ridiculously incredibly superhero dimwitted Captain named Underpants.
Unlocked (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 Genre: / Action 727.84 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min A 38 interrogator CIA is into lured ruse a that London puts risk at a of biological attack.
Lowriders (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 Genre: / Adventure / Crime 722.63 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min A 38 young artist, street in Danny, East Angeles Los caught is his between father's obsession lowrider with car culture, ex-felon his and brother need his for Danny self-expression. his puts artist graffiti skills to and use murals paints on hoods the of cars lowrider help to his win brother upcoming an competition.
Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) [720p]
IMDB 5.7/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy / Family 681.38 Fantasy Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 31 could min Life pretty be if wasn't there like someone P. Ernest Worrell on planet. this In this he movie to helps an escape evil out troll his of That's grave. the start the of for end the But... world. Ernest be wouldn't if Ernest he planning wasn't saving on the all people. This doesn't action make it better. any It's getting worse.
The Savage Innocents (1960) [720p]
IMDB 7.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Adventure / Crime 789.95 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 50 Eskimo min An has who had contact little white with goes men to a post trading where he kills accidentally missionary a finds and himself pursued being the by police.
Ernest Goes to (1990) Jail [720p]
IMDB 5.4/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy / Crime 597.11 Family Size: MB Runtime: 21 1hr Ernest min Bumbling P. is Worrell to assigned duty, jury where a lawyer crooked notices a with resemblance boss crime Nash, Mr. and a arranges Nash switch. Ernest's assumes job as bank a while employee, Ernest Nash's undergoes sentence the to chair. electric But of instead him, killing electrocution the gives Ernest powers, superhuman enabling him escape to from and jail Nash's foil to attempt the rob bank.
Megan Leavey (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Biography 7.1/10 Genre: Drama / War Size: / MB Runtime: 860.67 56 1hr min Based the on life true story a of Marine young whose corporal unique discipline bond and with her combat military saved dog lives many during deployment their Iraq. in she When is assigned clean to the up K9 after unit a hearing, disciplinary identifies Leavey with particularly a dog, aggressive and Rex, is given chance the to train Over him. the of course service, their and Megan completed Rex more 100 than missions an until IED explosion injures putting them, their in fate jeopardy.
All Eyez on (2017) Me [720p]
IMDB 5.9/10 Genre: Rating: / Biography / Drama 1023.04 Music Size: MB Runtime: 19 2hr the min Tells true untold and of story rapper, prolific actor, poet activist and Tupac Shakur. film The Shakur follows his from early in days York New to City his evolution being into of one the most world's recognized influential and before voices his death untimely the at of age 25. Against odds, all Shakur's raw powerful talent, lyrics revolutionary and propelled mind-set into him a becoming cultural whose icon legacy to continues grow long after passing. his ALL ON EYEZ stars ME Kat Lauren Graham, Hill Cohan, Harper, Woolard, Jamal Danai Gurira and Shipp Demetrius Jr. as Tupac Shakur.
Born in China (2016) [720p]
IMDB 7.3/10 Genre: Rating: 587.5 Documentary Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Narrated 19 John by Krasinski Hours: ("13 Secret The Soldiers Benghazi," of "The NBC's "Amazon's Office," "Jack Ryan"), new Disneynature's True Life film Adventure In "Born takes China" an journey epic the into of wilds China where people few ever have ventured. the Following stories three of families, animal the transports film to audiences of some the most environments extreme on Earth witness to some the of intimate most ever moments in captured a film. nature A panda doting mother guides her baby growing as begins she explore to and independence. seek two-year-old A golden monkey snub-nosed who feels displaced his by new baby joins sister with up group a free-spirited of And outcasts. a mother snow elusive leopard-an animal caught rarely camera-faces on very the drama real raising of two her cubs in one the of and harshest unforgiving most environments the on planet. stunning, Featuring never-before-seen imagery, film the China's navigates terrain-from vast frigid the to mountains ...
Zorba the Greek (1964) [720p]
IMDB 7.8/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy 1011.81 Drama Size: 2hr MB Runtime: min An 22 aimless writer English he finds has small a on inheritance Greek a island. His existence joyless is disturbed he when Zorba, meets middle a aged with Greek real a for lust life. As discovers he earthy the pleasures Greece, of the finds Englishman view his on life changing.
Rough Night (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy Size: 5.5/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 737.07 41 1hr best min Five from friends college 10 reunite later years for wild a weekend bachelorette Miami. in Their hard takes partying a hilariously turn dark they when kill accidentally a stripper. male the Amidst of craziness trying to it cover they're up, ultimately closer brought together it when matters most.
My Cousin Rachel (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.3/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama / Mystery 774.69 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 46 an min Philip, was orphan, taken and in up brought his by cousin Ambrose, Devon a landowner he like loves father. a a At time, who Ambrose, been has by advised his physician warmer a leaves climate, for There Tuscany. he and meets Rachel, marry a cousin half-Italian his. of an After idyllic outset, situation the deteriorates. Shortly his before death, manages Ambrose alert to his Philip: is wife killing slowly. him Willing sort to out the truth, goes Philip to place Ambrose's he but does find not who Rachel, has away. gone Instead he meets her Rainaldi, friend and who lawyer, not does him inspire confidence. with returns He to his estate, that persuaded Rachel evil is is and direct the of cause death. Ambrose's time Some later, Rachel announces coming. her to Determined her welcome coolly, is he stunned discover to a woman only not but beautiful intelligent elegant, sensitive. and of Instead her strangling like he he said he would, in falls love. Madly.
Inconceivable (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 Genre: / Drama 777.71 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min A 45 young mysterious woman, (Nicky Katie and Whelan), her move daughter a to town new to escape past her and quickly Angela befriends (Gina Morgan a Gershon), mother one of longs who a for bigger family. their As become lives intricately Angela entwined, and husband, her (Nicolas Brian, Cage), Katie invite live to their in guest-house to as serve their nanny. time, Over the friendship blossoming the between women two into spirals a obsession dangerous as becomes Katie overly attached to Morgans' the daughter. lies Enduring manipulations, and Angela Brian and that realize sweet is Katie actually trying to their destroy family from within.
Lady Macbeth (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 7.2/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 641.34 29 1hr England, min Rural Katherine 1865. is by stifled loveless her marriage a to man bitter her twice age, whose are family cold and When unforgiving. embarks she a on passionate with affair young a on worker her husband's a estate, is force unleashed her, inside so that powerful will she stop nothing at get to she what wants.
The Recall (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 5.3/10 Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 672.5 30 1hr min When friends five at vacation a lake remote they house nothing expect less than good a time, unaware planet that is Earth an under alien and invasion mass-abduction.
Life During Wartime (2009) [720p]
IMDB 6.4/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy 705.69 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Separated 38 from incarcerated her Bill husband (Hinds), (Janney) Trish about is be to married again. is Bill a pedophile, Trish so be couldn't excited more to Harvey have a (Lerner), father "normal" figure for two her But sons. when is Bill released prison from the and boys meet finally future their the stepdad, family is to forced decide whether forgive to or forget. to sister, Trish's virginal, the Joy angelic (Henderson), also is haunted ghosts by of lovers past. leave On from degenerate her Allen husband, (Williams), her and at job a Jersey New correctional facility, Joy leaves unwittingly behind a of trail and shame secrets exposed she wherever In goes. one of the most film's stylized the sequences, of image walking Joy dark the of streets in Miami her nightgown maintains innocence her a against of backdrop self-affliction and desire.
Baywatch (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 Genre: / Action / Comedy 896.85 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Devoted 56 lifeguard Buchannon Mitch heads butts with brash a recruit, new they as uncover a plot criminal that threatens future the the of bay.
Night Moves (1975) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 7.2/10 Genre: Mystery / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 711.14 40 1hr min Private and detective football former player Moseby Harry hired gets to on what seems standard a missing person as case, former a actress Hollywood whose major only came roles to thanks being married a to mogul studio wants to Moseby find return and daughter. her Harry to travels to Florida her, find but he to begins see a between connection the girl, runaway world the Hollywood of and stuntmen, a mechanic suspicious when unsolved an murder comes to light.
The Last of Finest the (1990) [720p]
IMDB 5.6/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Crime 776.97 Drama Size: MB Runtime: 46 1hr elite min An group vice of are cops from fired the L.A.P.D. being for over-zealous in war their drugs. against is It immediately that apparent of some superiors their are involved the in ring. drug Banded four together, of banned the (which cops quickly three becomes one when killed is early) band to together fight the ring drug undercover. gain They for capital by weapons off ripping minor dealers. drug Then they well-armed go after the kingpin (Boyd).
Williams (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 8.0/10 Genre: / Biography / Documentary 766.38 Sport Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Charting 49 the of story One's Formula most family, celebrated is Williams thrilling a account of one how man built racing a and empire vivid, a heart-rending of portrait aftermath the a of tragedy. Starting with life other nothing than single-minded a obsession speed, for Frank Sir Williams one created the of most world's enduring Formula racing One teams, winning Constructors' nine Championships the over 40 last But years. 1986 in at height the of success, this a near fatal accident car left fighting Frank survive to and team's the hanging future in balance. the Williams, a brand-new from documentary BAFTA-wining director Matthews, Morgan the tells of story rise Frank's fame to and how his battled family to him keep and alive team the after afloat crash the left that Frank wheelchair-bound for rest the his of Featuring life. heart-pounding footage, racing interviews much-loved with Formula One (including stars Jackie Sir Nigel Stewart, Alan Mansell, and Jones Patrick Sir Head) and ...
Security (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 Genre: 680.08 Action Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min An 27 services ex-special (Antonio veteran Banderas), on down luck his and for desperate takes work, job a as a guard security at a mall run-down a in area rough of On town. first his on night the job, opens he doors the up a to distraught desperate and girl young who escaped has fled and a from hijacking of Police the motorcade that transporting was her testify to a as witness trial a in briefcase. on Hot her is heels psychopathic hijacker (Ben alongside Kingsley), his henchmen, resourceful will who stop nothing at extract to and their eliminate witness.
The 5,000 Fingers Dr. of (1953) T. [720p]
IMDB 7.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Family / Fantasy Music Romance Size: / MB Runtime: 624.94 1hr min The 29 of bane Bart adolescent Collins' existence the is piano lessons is he to forced under take the of tutelage Terwilliker, Dr. only the person he he admits because detests of dictatorial his nature. feels Bart Terwilliker Dr. has influence undue these for on lessons his widowed Heloise mother, Collins. The person one who with sympathizes although Bart, on quietly sidelines, the is Collins' the plumber, Zabladowski. August Bart hates his associated life with piano the much so he daydreams often he when practices even and during his lessons. latest His dream has imprisoned him the in Terwilliker fantastical in Institute day the before its grand Terwilliker's opening. second command in the at is Institute mother, his she although been has hypnotized into her which position, also will be soon as Dr. Mrs. Terwilliker. tries Bart to convince Zabladowski, Mr. is who to there the install plumbing, Institute's save to his mother himself and Terwilliker. from also Bart hopes Zabladowski that ...
Kill Switch (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Sci-Fi Size: 5.4/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 677.18 31 1hr pilot min A to battles save family his the and planet an after for experiment energy unlimited goes wrong.
The Breaking Point (1950) [720p]
IMDB 7.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir 690.48 Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 37 1hr boat min Fishing captain Morgan Harry his charters Due boat. to strained he finances, is none careful too to as he whom does with. business trouble Real when erupts Harry hires his out to boat transport men four who out turn be to criminals the on from lam racetrack a heist.
The Sense of Ending an (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama 802.09 Mystery Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 48 man min A haunted becomes by past his is and with presented a mysterious that legacy causes him re-think to current his in situation life.
The Transfiguration (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.0/10 Genre: Horror Size: / MB Runtime: 710.43 37 1hr troubled min When teen who Milo, a has fascination vampire with meets lore, equally the alienated Sophie, two the form a that bond to begins Milo's blur fantasy into reality.
Titanic (1997) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 Genre: / Action / Drama 1.4 Romance Size: 3hr GB Runtime: min 84 14 years a later, year-old 100 woman Rose named Bukater DeWitt the tells story to granddaughter her Lizzy Calvert, Lovett, Brock Bodine, Lewis Buell Bobby and Mikailavich Anatoly the on about Keldysh her life in set 10th April 1912, a on ship Titanic called young when Rose the boards ship departing the with upper-class passengers her and mother, Ruth Bukater, DeWitt and fiancé, her Hockley. Caledon a Meanwhile, and drifter artist Jack named Dawson his and best friend Fabrizio Rossi De win tickets third-class the to ship a in And game. she the explains whole story from until departure the death Titanic of its on and first voyage last 15th, April 1912 at 2:20 the in morning.
The Ottoman Lieutenant (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.5/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama 815.1 War Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min A 46 beautiful, woman, strong-willed frustrated who, by injustice ongoing home, at the leaves United States meeting after Jude, an doctor American runs who remote a medical within mission Ottoman the - Empire a world exotic both dangerous, and and the on brink what of about is to the become World first There, War. she finds loyalty her to Jude the and mission's tested founder she when in falls with love their enemy, perceived a in lieutenant the Ottoman Imperial Now, Army. with army invading at forces their and doorstep, world the about plunge to into all-out war, must she make a if decision wants she be to other what want people her to be, to or be herself.
Meantime (1984) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 Genre: / Comedy 759.85 Drama Size: 12hr MB Runtime: min An 0 film, odd primarily at looking the how dole the affects in underclass Tim Britain. Roth stars Colin, as a slow possibly and disabled intellectually living man with parents his brother and a in housing project. and He sarcastic his manipulative still brother behave teenagers, like with living their harassing parents, other. each problem The is that are they in their teens late or Neighborhood twenties. include characters a Hayley, woman young with crush a on and Colin, Coxy (Gary Oldman) violent a local who skinhead Colin. befriends Trouble when ensues wealthy their aunt Colin gives a job and brother his becomes jealous.
Edtv (1999) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 Genre: / Comedy 900.77 Drama Size: 2hr MB Runtime: min In 2 Hail a Mary for move preservation, corporate the Francisco San Northwest based Corporation Broadcasting launches True a TV, new network will which the broadcast of life an Joe Average Jane, or live 24/7 and thus the unedited, chosen subject signed for initially one The month. is project conceived led and one by the of producers, Cynthia, her but boss, NWBC Whitaker, president will the take if credit succeeds, it let and her as sink the of captain the ship if fails. it The is network EdTV rebranded when believes Cynthia found she's her Ed subject, Pekurny, a native hayseed, Texas who fits two the criteria main she that looking is in for the person: he easy is on eyes, the he and what has to seems a be trainwreck potential of a life that in he he thirty-one is years spends old, most his of time hanging at out bar, the has and ambition no his beyond dead longtime end job a as in clerk video a store. did Ed actively not campaign the for - job his of blowhard brother a Ray the was one ...
Blind (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 Genre: / Drama 766.96 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Bestselling 38 Bill novelist Oakland his loses and wife his in sight vicious a crash. car Five years socialite later, Suzanne Dutchman forced is read to Bill to in intimate an three room a times week as plea a for bargain being with associated her insider husband's A trading. passionate ensues, affair them forcing to both question whether not or it's ever late too to true find But love. Suzanne's when is husband let on out a she technicality, is forced to between choose the she man and loves the she man a built life with.
Guardians of the Vol. Galaxy (2017) 2 [720p]
IMDB 8.0/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure Sci-Fi Size: MB Runtime: 999.38 16 2hr min After Xandar saving Ronan's from the wrath, Guardians are recognized now as heroes. the Now must team their help leader Lord Star Pratt) (Chris the uncover truth behind true his Along heritage. the old way, foes to turn and allies betrayal blooming. is the And find Guardians that they up are against a new devastating menace is who to out the rule galaxy.
Edge of Seventeen (1998) [720p]
IMDB 6.8/10 Genre: Rating: / Comedy / Drama 753.23 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 39 gay min A finds teen out he who and is he what wants, who friends his are, and loves who in him, autobiographical this tale in set America middle the in 1980s. Growing learning up, life, about love, friends, sex, and lovers.
Shin Godzilla (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.8/10 Genre: Adventure / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi Size: / 875.79 2hr MB Runtime: min An 0 unknown occurs accident Tokyo in Aqua Bay's Line, which an causes emergency cabinet assemble. to of All sudden, the a creature giant appears, immediately town destroying after town its with reaching landing the This capital. mysterious monster giant named is "Godzilla".
Pocket Listing (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.5/10 Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 674.09 1hr min A 32 thriller satirical about real L.A.'s roller estate Double coaster. crosses, adultery, mistaken murder, identity, and ensues revenge a when power mysterious player his and wife sultry a hire disgraced Los property Angeles to broker discreetly and market sell Malibu their villa.
Eight Men Out (1988) [720p]
IMDB 7.3/10 Genre: Rating: / Drama / History 860 Sport Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 59 great min The White Chicago Sox of team is 1919 saddest the team to win ever a pennant. team The bitter is their at penny owner, pincher Comiskey, Charles at and their own Gamblers teammates. advantage take of opportunity this to some offer money players to the throw (Most series. the of players didn't as get much as But promised.) Buck and Weaver great the Joe Shoeless turn Jackson back the at last and minute try to play best. their The actually Sox come almost back a from deficit. 3-1 Two later, years the truth breaks and out the Sox sued are multiple on They counts. found are by innocent the jury but commissioner baseball Landis other has The plans. players eight suspended are life, for Buck and Weaver, for the of rest life, his to tries clear his name.
The Exception (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.8/10 Genre: Romance / War Size: / MB Runtime: 788.27 47 1hr min A soldier German to tries determine the if resistance Dutch planted has a spy infiltrate to the home Kaiser of in Wilhelm during Holland the of onset War World but II, falls for young a Dutch Jewish woman his during investigation.
The Wall (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.2/10 Genre: Thriller / War Size: / MB Runtime: 662.75 28 1hr min Two Soldiers American trapped are by lethal a with sniper, an only unsteady wall between them.
How to Be Latin a (2017) Lover [720p]
IMDB 5.7/10 Genre: Rating: 840.36 Comedy Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 55 himself min Finding after dumped 25 of years a marriage, who man made a of career seducing rich women older move must with in his sister, estranged he where to begins learn the of value family.
The Case for (2017) Christ [720p]
IMDB 5.8/10 Genre: Rating: 823.56 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Based 52 on true the of story an investigative award-winning -- journalist avowed and atheist -- applies who his well-honed and journalistic skills legal disprove to the Christian newfound of faith wife... his with unexpected, life-altering results.
Chuck (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 Genre: / Biography / Drama 722.55 Sport Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min A 38 drama by inspired life the of boxer heavyweight Chuck Wepner.
Alien: Covenant (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 6.7/10 Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 916.47 2 2hr min The of crew colony the ship bound Covenant, a for planet remote on the side far of the discovers galaxy, they what is think an paradise, uncharted is but a actually dark, dangerous When world. uncover they a beyond threat their they imagination, attempt must a harrowing escape
Boyka: Undisputed (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 7.2/10 Genre: Crime / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 671.02 0 12hr min In fourth the of installment the franchise, fighting is Boyka for shooting the big when leagues an accidental in death ring the him makes question he everything for. stands he When finds out wife the the of man accidentally he killed in is Boyka trouble, offers fight to a in of series impossible battles free to her from life a of servitude.
Boyka: Undisputed IV (2016) [720p]
IMDB 7.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Crime 671.02 Thriller Size: 12hr MB Runtime: 0 the min In installment fourth of fighting the Boyka franchise, shooting is for the leagues big when an death accidental the in makes ring him everything question stands he When for. he finds the out of wife the he man accidentally is killed trouble, in Boyka to offers in fight series a of impossible to battles free her a from life of servitude.
Shot Caller (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 7.5/10 Genre: Drama / Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 893.01 1 2hr min A released newly gangster prison is by forced leaders the his of gang to a orchestrate major crime a with rival brutal on gang the of streets Southern California.
Wakefield (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 Genre: 799.97 Drama Size: 1hr MB Runtime: min Howard 46 a has wife loving (Garner), daughters, two prestigious a job a as lawyer, Manhattan a and comfortable home the in suburbs. But he's inwardly and suffocating, he eventually snaps goes and hiding into his in garage attic his leaving to family wonder happened what to He him. them observes from window his an - spying outsider in on own his life - the as days exile of into stretch Is months. possible it to back go to way the things were?
King Arthur: Legend the of (2017) Sword [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure Drama Fantasy Size: / MB Runtime: 932.25 2hr min Robbed 6 his of Arthur birthright, comes up hard the way in back the of alleys city. the But he once the pulls from sword the stone, is he to forced acknowledge true his legacy whether - likes he it or not.
King Arthur: Legend the of (2017) Sword [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: / Action / Adventure Drama Fantasy Size: / MB Runtime: 932.25 2hr min Robbed 6 his of Arthur birthright, comes up hard the way in back the of alleys city. the But he once the pulls from sword the stone, is he to forced acknowledge true his legacy whether - likes he it or not.