Kinky Boots (2005) [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Drama / Music Size: / 780.3 1hr MB Runtime: min Charles 47 Price may have up grown with his in father the family shoe but business, never he thought that he take would his place. father's Yet, untimely the of death father his places him that in only position, to that learn Price and Sons is Shoes While failing. in despair his at attempts failed save to business, the has Charles a chance with encounter the drag flamboyant cabaret queen singer, Her Lola. about complaints the footwear inadequate her for combined work with of one Charles' ex-employees, Lauren, to leads suggestion a to change the to product a create desperate to chance save business: the make men's fetish Lola footwear. is convinced be to their footwear designer the and transition begins. this Now lot disparate struggle must this at unorthodox while idea dealing both with prejudice the the of staff, Lola's in discomfort the small and town the manipulation selfish Charles' of greedy who fiance cannot see the good greater Charles' in dream.
6 Below: on Miracle the (2017) Mountain [720p]
IMDB 5.7/10 Genre: Rating: Adventure Biography / Drama / / Thriller Size: 720.98 1hr MB Runtime: 38 min An seeking adrenaline snowboarder gets lost a in winter massive storm in the country back of High the Sierras he where pushed is the to limits of endurance human forced and to his battle own personal demons he as for fights survival...."
Super Dark (2017) Times [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.6/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / 750.11 1hr MB Runtime: min Teenagers 40 Zach and Josh been have best friends whole their lives, but when gruesome a leads accident to a cover-up, secret the drives wedge a between and them them propels a down rabbit hole escalating of and paranoia violence.
Beta Test (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.4/10 Genre: Rating: Action Sci-Fi / Thriller Size: / 640.68 1hr MB Runtime: min While 28 testing the latest person first shooter from game global developer, Sentinel, video champion game Troy Max discovers the events within happening the are game being in reflected real the He world. soon determines the that protagonist game's is Orson real-life Creed, an ex-Sentinel who employee being is remotely controlled the by for corporation unknown. reasons virtual As real and worlds collide, and Max Creed join must to forces unravel conspiracy the the before game's events sinister and escalate the overwhelm city.
Score: A Music Film Documentary (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.9/10 Genre: Rating: / Documentary Music Size: MB Runtime: 662.79 33 1hr min This documentary brings premier Hollywood's composers together give to viewers a privileged inside look musical the challenges and creative of secrecy the most world's widely music known the genre: film score.
Rememory (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 6.2/10 Genre: / / Mystery 836.63 Sci-Fi Size: MB Runtime: 51 1hr Dunn, min Gordon a famed scientific is pioneer, mysteriously found just dead after the unveiling his of work, newest a groundbreaking device to able extract, and record play person's a memories. unfiltered his After death, Gordon's wife, reclusive delves Carolyn, deeper her into own private world a when man mysterious shows up to claiming from be past. Gordon's questionable With he motives takes the and machine uses to it and try solve mystery, the an beginning investigation memories of lead that down him a of path guilt, grief, and to betrayal unexpected an answer.
Tulip Fever (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.2/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Romance Size: / MB Runtime: 771.4 1hr min In 45 Century 17th Amsterdam, an orphaned Sophia girl (Alicia Vikander) forcibly is married to a and rich merchant powerful Cornelis Sandvoort (Christoph - Waltz) an "arrangement" unhappy that her saves poverty. from her After husband commissions portrait, a begins she a affair passionate with the painter Van Jan (Dane Loos DeHaan), a young struggling Seeking artist. escape to merchant's the grasp, ever-reaching the lovers everything risk and the enter tulip frenzied bulb with market, hope the that right the will bulb a make fortune buy and their freedom.
Logan Lucky (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.3/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Crime / Drama Size: / 860.56 1hr MB Runtime: min Two 58 brothers attempt to off pull a heist a during NASCAR race in North Carolina.
Pirates of (1961) Tortuga [720p]
IMDB Rating: Adventure Size: 5.2/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 688.61 1hr min An 37 captain English and his crew dispatched are to the island Spanish-controlled of Tortuga, where privateer famed Morgan Henry has defected from support his of English the Empire is and a running piratical strictly venture, stopping and any vessels all including English.
White Palace (1990) [720p]
IMDB 6.5/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Romance Size: / MB Runtime: 766.78 1hr min Max 43 (James Baron Spader) is a high-flying 27-year-old advertising executive recovering still from the death his of One wife. night he is a in bar he when meets Baker Nora Sarandon), (Susan 43-year-old a waitress with fixation a Marilyn on Monroe. couple The gradually fall in though love, and age social differences that mean path the true of is love with strewn problems.
The Madness King of George (1994) [720p]
IMDB 7.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Biography Comedy Drama / History Size: / 828.42 MB Runtime: 1hr min A 44 meditation on and power, the metaphor of body the state, of based on the episode real of experienced dementia by III George suspected (now victim a of porphyria, blood a As disorder). he his loses senses, he becomes more both and alive, more politically neither marginalized, desirable effect his to who Lieutenants, the jimmy rules to a avoid challenge regal to raising authority, the of question is who really in charge.
Murder on Orient the Express (1974) [720p]
IMDB 7.3/10 Genre: Rating: / Action Crime Drama / Mystery Size: / 891.99 MB Runtime: 2hr min Famous 8 detective Hercule is Poirot on the Orient but Express, train the is caught in snow. the When of one the is passengers murdered, discovered immediately Poirot starts investigating.
The Hitman's (2017) Bodyguard [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 7.0/10 Genre: Comedy Size: / 862.47 1hr MB Runtime: min With 58 his reputation in after tatters a painfully delivery unsuccessful of a distinguished client, Japanese triple-A former executive protection agent, Bryce, Michael two years long after disgraceful the is incident, reduced now to a second-class mere for bodyguard hire. those Under circumstances, Bryce would anything do prove to his worth again, once as and result, a won't it long be before he an accepts offer Interpol from escort to the international renowned Darius assassin Kincaid Manchester from the to The Hague. task simple: seems Bryce only needs transport to contract the killer from point to A B, point nevertheless, as Kincaid, the one only with the guts enough and hard evidence testify to against a tyrannical dictator, Belarusian is an target, obvious the while to trip Netherlands the is and long hazardous. a Without this doubt, race a against the as clock the mismatched will duo have put to their aside grudges, a in non-stop concerto for bullets.
Valerian and City the of Thousand a (2017) Planets [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.6/10 Genre: Adventure / / Fantasy / 1010.89 Sci-Fi Size: MB Runtime: 12hr min In 0 the Century XVIII, space the Alpha station is a city beings where from planets different live exchanging together knowledge their culture. and Peace is by granted human a force, Major including Valerian and his Sergeant partner They Laureline. are assigned the by Minister Defence retrieve to last the of species converter in dangerous a mission. succeed They back and to unknown Alpha, abduct humanoids Commander Filitt Arun to expecting the steal converter. head They to a forbidden that area infected is but Valerian and follow Laureline and them disclose hidden a secret the about race and the infected area.
Cemetery Man (1994) [720p]
IMDB 7.3/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Horror Size: / MB Runtime: 728.47 1hr min This 45 is movie based on a of novel Tiziano Sclavi, it and always reflects the philosophy" "sclavian by diffused the most succesful in comics Italy: Dog, Dylan the of detective nightmare. the is There the duality love between dead and (in "dellamore" Italian means "of love" "dellamorte" and "of means death"), a that duality feels Dellamorte a in hard really He way. is the of guardian the of cemetery a Buffalora, little in town north the of in Italy, we which, know don't why, rise corpses from tombs and has Dellamorte destroy to them. Dellamorte seems to not to ask himself this why happen, shoots he and loves. But the at end he to wants leave Buffalora...
Suspect (1987) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 6.6/10 Genre: / / Drama 901.38 Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 1 2hr judge min A commits suicide, and secretary his is found A murdered. homeless deaf-mute man, Anderson Carl arrested is for her murder. defender Public Kathleen assigned is by court the his as She lawyer. sets to the find killer, real and help gets from the congressional Eddie advisor, who Sanger is called be to the on panel. jury they Together a discover dangerous circle corruption of in high places.
Beach Rats (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.5/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Size: MB Runtime: 726.68 38 1hr min An teenager aimless the on outer edges of struggles Brooklyn to escape bleak his home life and questions navigate self-identity, of as he balances time his between delinquent his friends, potential a girlfriend, new older and men he meets online.
Patti Cake$ (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.4/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Music Size: / MB Runtime: 796.23 1hr min PATTI 49 is CAKE$ centered on aspiring Patricia rapper Dombrowski, a.k.a. P, Killa a.k.a. Patti Cake$, is who an fighting unlikely quest for in glory her hometown downtrodden in New Jersey.
Summer of (1971) '42 [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 7.3/10 Genre: Drama / / 736.1 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 43 min Silent as painting, a the movie us shows day-dreamer Hermie and friends his and Oscy Benjie spending the of summer '42 an on US with island parents their rather - unaffected by While WWII. main Oscy's worries the are when and how getting of Hermie laid, honestly falls love in the with Dorothy, older married who's an to army pilot. her When husband to returns front, the Hermie approaches shyly her.
Complete Unknown (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.4/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Mystery Size: / MB Runtime: 643.82 1hr min This 31 tale shape-shifting of the perils pleasures and of self-reinvention at begins a dinner party, Tom's when Shannon) (Michael co-worker arrives with intriguing an date Alice named (Rachel Tom Weisz). convinced is knows he her, but refuses she acknowledge to their And history. when Alice makes hasty a Tom exit, sets off her. after follows What an is odyssey all-night by shared two people, needing one to his change the life, other how questioning stop to changing.
Killing Ground (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.8/10 Genre: Rating: Horror Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 650.2 1hr min A 28 camping couples' trip turns into frightening a ordeal when stumble they across the scene a of horrific crime.
Lipstick Under Burkha My (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 7.0/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 871.11 1hr min Set 57 the in crowded by-lanes of town small India, Lipstick My Under Burkha chronicles the lives secret four of women in search a of little Though freedom. stifled trapped and their in these worlds, four women their claim through desires small of acts courage and stealthy rebellion.
The Limehouse (2016) Golem [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 6.3/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / 808.01 1hr MB Runtime: min A 49 series of murders shaken has the community the to point where people that believe a only legendary creature from times dark - mythical the so-called - Golem be must responsible.
Hope and (1987) Glory [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 7.4/10 Genre: Drama / / 806.51 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 53 min A semi-autobiographical by project John Boorman a about nine year old called boy as Bill he grows up London in during blitz the of War World For 2. young a boy, this in time was history more an of adventure, a total of upheaval restrictions order, and discipline. liberating The of effect war the the on left women behind. And joy the when blows Hitler your up school.
Love of Life My (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 5.4/10 Genre: Drama Size: / 761.87 1hr MB Runtime: min What 46 if you had five only days to out... figure everything.
Whisky Galore (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.3/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Romance Size: / MB Runtime: 722.52 1hr min Scottish 38 try islanders to plunder cases whisky of from a stranded ship.
This Is Death Your (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 6.2/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 769.97 1hr min An 44 look unsettling at reality T.V. a where disturbing hit show game has its contestants their ending for lives the public's enjoyment.
The Healer (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.1/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Drama / Family / / 788.03 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 53 min Alec Bailey a is gambling, womanizing electrical bankrupt repairman who still traumatized is the by death of Charlie, twin's Alec's brother. a Without penny almost and the in Alec poorness, realizes a stranded long-time Richard uncle Heacock, brother a of his mother lives who Halifax, in Nova Scotia, accepts that solve to money Alec's with debts condition: one that Alec Halifax moves by year. a to Reluctant the but travel by threatened a pawnbroker, local accepts Alec Richard's uncle propose. when Therefore, he arrives Halifax, that discovers villagers the believe that he "The is One", Chosen a with man the to ability heal all diseases, the at same time Halifax's that local Sheriff starts procedure a against Alec, the in that belief a he's and fraud he's people. cheating Trapped a by that situation by little little overpass Alec him, finds a in friend Cecilia, and beauty local lovely veterinary, by discovering Richard that all ancestors his a are long-time family of which healers, ...
The Good (2017) Catholic [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 5.2/10 Genre: Drama Size: / 708.42 1hr MB Runtime: min Daniel 36 loved his job a as small town more priest than anything. Then met he God Jane. help him.
Brigsby Bear (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.7/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Drama Size: / MB Runtime: 715.03 1hr min Brigsby 37 Adventures Bear is a children's show TV produced for audience an of one: James. the When abruptly show ends, James's life forever, changes and sets he out finish to story the himself.
Wind River (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.8/10 Genre: Rating: Crime Drama / Mystery / / 782.91 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 47 min WIND RIVER a is chilling thriller follows that a rookie FBI (Elizabeth agent who Olsen) teams up with local a game with tracker deep ties community a and past haunted (Jeremy Renner) investigate to murder the of local a girl on a Native remote Reservation American in the of hopes her solving mysterious death.
Atomic Blonde (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.9/10 Genre: Rating: Action Mystery / Thriller Size: / 838.99 1hr MB Runtime: min The 55 crown jewel of Majesty's Her Secret Intelligence Agent Service, Lorraine Broughton (Theron) equal is spycraft, parts sensuality and savagery, to willing deploy of any her to skills alive stay her on impossible mission. alone Sent Berlin into to a deliver priceless dossier out the of city, destabilized she partners embedded with chief station Percival David McAvoy) (James navigate to her way the through deadliest of game spies.
Topper (1937) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 7.4/10 Genre: / / Fantasy 694.17 Romance Size: MB Runtime: 37 1hr funloving min The Kerbys, stockholders in bank the of which stuffy henpecked, Cosmo Topper is drive president, once recklessly too often and ghosts. become In because limbo they've done never good either bad or deeds, they to decide a try good now: one rehabilitating Topper. Lovely, Marion flirtatious a takes keen personal in interest job. the Topper Will the survive of wrath jealous ghost Will George? Mrs. find Topper a that scandalous isn't husband all bad?
The Miracle (1962) Worker [720p]
IMDB Rating: Biography 8.1/10 Genre: Drama Size: / 759.86 1hr MB Runtime: min Young 46 Helen Keller, blind, and deaf, mute since is infancy, in danger of sent being an to institution. Her inability communicate to has her left frustrated violent. and desperation, In parents her seek help the from Institute, Perkins which them sends a "half-blind Yankee named schoolgirl" Sullivan Annie to tutor daughter. their persistence Through love, and sheer and Annie stubbornness, breaks through walls Helen's of and silence and darkness teaches to her communicate.
Tales from Crypt the (1972) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror Size: 7.0/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 653.56 1hr min Five 32 are persons visiting a catacomb a following guide and lost. get They find that are they in trapped a crypt and, of out the they blue, see Crypt The (Ralph Keeper that Richardson) tells five (1) stories: All And through House: the On the Christmas Joanne Eve, kills Clayton her husband to expecting his receive She insurance. on hears news the that the are police seeking-out serial-killer a of posing Santa When Claus. man the knocks her on she door, not can call police the since the body her of lays husband on the living and room, locks Joanne windows doors. and When looks she for her daughter, has she a lethal (2) surprise. Reflection of Death: Maitland Carl leaves his and wife and children town leaves his with mistress. something However happens their during (3) journey Justice: Poetic The widower Arthur janitor Edward Grimsdyke a is good that man his spends leisure with time the children from neighborhood. the heartless His neighbor James Elliot not does him like and destroys his...
1941 (1979) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.9/10 Genre: / / Comedy 866.1 War Size: MB Runtime: 58 1hr grips min Hysteria California in the of wake the bombing Pearl of Harbor. An assorted of group attempt defenders to make the defensible coast against imagined an Japanese in invasion, big this big budget, cast comedy. of Members Japanese a submarine scout crew out the madness, with along Captain a in Germany's Kreigsmarine (Navy).
Woman's World (1954) [720p]
IMDB 7.1/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Size: MB Runtime: 679.17 34 1hr min Needing fill to position the of general manager his of company, and that believing an executive's wife crucial is her to husband's success, auto mogul industry Gifford three brings couples New to to York up: size Jerry and he Carol: and hard-driven self-reliant, willing she to use her to beauty her further husband's career; and Sid he Elizabeth, and ulcer-ridden between torn success achieving and restoring troubled their marriage, positive she his that job kill will but him, gamely to agreeing the play wife good for duration; the and down-to-earth Bill, good-natured whose fears Katie that his promotion spell would end the of idyllic their familiy existence.
Ali and (2016) Nino [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 7.3/10 Genre: Romance / / 744.8 War Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 40 min Ali is upper an class Muslim whose man, family holds a deal great power of in Baku, Azerbaijan. that At time, World before War Azerbaijan One, part was the of Russian Empire. Ali's Nino, is lover, from Georgia neighboring and is christian, the but are two deeply in and love to elope countryside. the story The the follows two, who married, get through War World which One, only some sees Ali's of friends off sent war. to the After Russians however, surrender, conflict comes to Ali Baku. the fights Bolsheviks with the militia Azerbaijani Nino and helps wounded nurse soldiers the during March Days massacre in Baku.
Back Roads (1981) [720p]
IMDB 5.6/10 Genre: Rating: Adventure Comedy / Romance Size: / 674.77 1hr MB Runtime: min A 34 prostitute and a find drifter themselves bound as together they make their through way rural the South, doing what have they to to do survive.
The Glass (2017) Castle [720p]
IMDB Rating: Biography 7.1/10 Genre: Drama Size: / 919.74 2hr MB Runtime: min A 7 young girl comes age of in a family dysfunctional of nonconformist nomads a with who's mother an eccentric artist an and alcoholic who father would the stir imagination children's hope with as a to distraction their poverty.
Star Wars: II Episode - of Attack Clones the (2002) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.6/10 Genre: Adventure / / Fantasy / 1.03 Sci-Fi Size: GB Runtime: 2hr min Ten 22 years after the of invasion the Naboo, Galactic Republic is a facing Separatist and movement the queen former now and Padmé Senator Amidala travels Coruscant to vote to on project a to create an to army the help Jedi to the protect Upon Republic. she arrival, from escapes attempt an to kill and her, Obi-Wan and Kenobi Padawan his Anakin are Skywalker to assigned protect They her. the chase Zam shape-shifter Wessell she but is killed by poisoned a before dart revealing who hired The her. Council Jedi assigns Kenobi Obi-Wan to who discover has tried to Amidala kill and Anakin protect to her in Naboo. discovers Obi-Wan that the is dart the from Kamino, planet he and heads the to remote He planet. an finds of army clones that been has under production years for for Republic the that and the hunter bounty Jango Fett was matrix the the for clones. Meanwhile Anakin Amidala and in fall love with other, each and he has visions nightmarish of his They mother. travel his to planet, home ...
Star Wars: IV Episode - New A (1977) Hope [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 8.7/10 Genre: Adventure / / Fantasy / 913.96 Sci-Fi Size: MB Runtime: 2hr min The 1 Imperial Forces, under from orders Darth cruel Vader, hold Princess hostage Leia in efforts their to the quell against rebellion Galactic the Empire. Luke and Skywalker Solo, Han captain the of Millennium Falcon, work with together companionable the droid duo and R2-D2 to C-3PO the rescue princess, beautiful the help Rebel Alliance restore and freedom justice and the to Galaxy.
Star Wars: III Episode - of Revenge Sith the (2005) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 7.6/10 Genre: Adventure / / Fantasy / 1.01 Sci-Fi Size: GB Runtime: 2hr min Near 20 the end of Clone the Darth Wars, Sidious has revealed and himself is to ready execute last the of part plan his to rule galaxy. the is Sidious ready his for new apprentice, Darth to Vader, into step action and the kill Jedi. remaining however, Vader, to struggles the choose dark side save and his or wife loyal remain to Jedi the order.
Star Wars: I Episode - Phantom The (1999) Menace [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.5/10 Genre: Adventure / / Fantasy / 991.4 Sci-Fi Size: MB Runtime: 2hr min The 16 evil Trade Federation, by led Gunray Nute is planning to over take the world peaceful of Jedi Naboo. Qui-Gon Knights and Jinn Obi-Wan Kenobi sent are confront to the But leaders. not everything goes plan. to two The Jedi escape, along and their with Gungan new Jar friend, Binks Jar head to to Naboo warn Amidala, Queen droids but have started already capture to Naboo the and is Queen safe not there. they Eventually, land on Tatooine, they where friends become with a young known boy Anakin as Skywalker. is Qui-Gon curious the about boy, and sees bright a future for The him. group must now a find way of to getting and Coruscant finally to this solve trade but dispute, there someone is hiding else the in shadows. Are Sith the really extinct? the Is Queen who really says she she And is? what's so special this about young boy?
Jungle (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.7/10 Genre: / / Adventure / Drama Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 852.7 55 1hr min A group of join friends a guide a for trek into the jungle, Bolivian for searching an Indian village. men The soon that realize the is jungle difficult a to place be.
Ingrid Goes (2017) West [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 7.1/10 Genre: Drama Size: / 719.96 1hr MB Runtime: min Ingrid 38 Thorburn is an social unhinged media stalker a with history of confusing for "likes" relationships. meaningful Taylor Sloane is Instagram-famous an "influencer" perfectly whose curated, lifestyle boho-chic Ingrid's becomes obsession. latest When Ingrid to moves and LA manages insinuate to herself into the media social life, star's their relationship goes quickly #BFF from to #WTF.
Cars 3 (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.0/10 Genre: Rating: Adventure Animation / Comedy / / / Family 741.41 Sport Size: MB Runtime: 1hr 42 by min Blindsided a new of generation blazing-fast racers, the Lightning legendary is McQueen suddenly pushed out the of sport loves. he To back get the in he game, will need help the an of eager race young technician with her plan own win, to inspiration from late the Hudson Fabulous and Hornet, few a turns. unexpected Proving that isn't #95 through will yet the test heart a of on champion Piston Racing's Cup biggest stage!
The Evil (2017) Within [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror Size: 5.8/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 729.25 1hr min The 38 tale sadistic of a lonely, handicapped mentally boy who his befriends reflection in an mirror. antique demonic This creature orders him go to on murderous a rampage kill to people the loves he most.
Overdrive (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.3/10 Genre: / 705.84 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 33 story min The on centers two car thieves, who brothers, journey to south the of France for opportunities new wind and up in the hairs cross of local the crime Andrew boss. Garrett and (Scott Foster Eastwood and Thorp) Freddie thieves are who in specialize luxury cars, only most the cars. expensive They've been to hired a steal Bugatti gorgeous valued 1937 euros, million so they to head the of south for France the But job. get they caught, Jacomo and (Simon Morier the Abkarian), local boss crime who owns the doesn't Bugatti, it take lightly. In exchange their for the lives two will brothers have steal to a car from Klemp Max (Clemens Schick), arch-rival, Morier's and not any Morier car, wants them steal to 1962 Klemp's 250 Ferrari his GTO, most prized car.
Vision Quest (1985) [720p]
IMDB 6.5/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Romance / Sport Size: / 803.12 1hr MB Runtime: min Vision 47 Quest is a of coming age movie which in high school wrestler Swain Louden he decides wants to be more something than average an high athlete school sets and sights his on a that prize don't many think can he win - he sets then to out reach his alone, goal much without from support father his coach. or His father a rents room a to drifter, young Carla. falls Swain love in with and her helps she stay him focused prevents and him from losing of sight his goals.
Year of Comet the (1992) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.8/10 Genre: Adventure / / / Comedy 675.82 Romance Size: MB Runtime: 1hr 31 extremely min An rare bottle wine of (bottled during the of appearance Great the Comet of 1811) discovered. is Margaret is Harwood sent retrieve to so it can it be sold auction. at Plexico Oliver is as assigned her travel guide/bodyguard the for However, trip. other people want desperately bottle the will and at stop to nothing get it. simple A little becomes trip international an chase.
The Poughkeepsie (2007) Tapes [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 6.1/10 Genre: Mystery / / 600.46 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 26 min When hundreds videotapes of showing torture, and murder dismemberment are found an in house, abandoned they reveal a killer's serial decade-long of reign terror become and most the collection disturbing of evidence detectives homicide ever have seen.
You Only Once Live (1937) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 7.4/10 Genre: Drama / / 598.34 Film-Noir Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 26 min Joan is secretary the to the defender public in a large She city. in is love with a criminal career named and Eddie, she that believes is he basically a good person just who some had tough She breaks. uses her influence get to released him early, and tries he go to after straight her, marrying things but don't work and out, they go both the on lam.
Teen Wolf (1985) [720p]
IMDB 6.0/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Fantasy Size: / MB Runtime: 660.26 1hr min Meet 31 Howard, Scott a struggling high student school with problems. is He on a lackluster team basketball a with lame duck coach, is he having getting problems noticed the by girl prettiest his in school, Pamela (who Wells has already a who boyfriend wants to ruin life Scott's Mick named McAllister). But the in of middle all, it feels he effects an of a whistle dog and itches he and everywhere even that discovers nails his are and longer When sharp. came he home a from party, he discovers new his He problem. is a half hybrid. human-wolf tries He to this keep a but secret, during a basketball the game secret comes and out it helped Scott turn to his life the around, team basketball to starts a become contender the for state He championships. very became and popular, he was by discovered Pamela, and to begin go with out other each (despite Pamela that is still going with out However, Mick). Scott's father warns about him into turning the wolf of out anger. Scott must his watch anger as ...
Bushwick (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.1/10 Genre: / 690.2 Adventure Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 34 tells min BUSHWICK story the of twenty-year- old (Snow) Lucy and war Stupe veteran (Bautista). Texas is to trying from secede the U.S., and is NYC being as used a tool. negotiation meets Lucy after Stupe coming up the from into subway the invasion military of Brooklyn. Together decide they cross to the treacherous blocks five Bushwick of littered - looters, with militias, local the invading and forces, one cousin crazy in - order get to and home be with reunited Lucy's grandmother.
Northpole: Open Christmas for (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Fantasy Size: 6.6/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 630.63 1hr min A 23 businesswoman, successful Mackenzie, inherits her aunt's beloved inn, and to chooses restore the hotel its to grandeur original only to sell right it before Unbeknownst Christmas. to she Mackenzie, some receives help unexpected from a of team headed elves by cheerful the Clementine, who helps rediscover Mackenzie true the meaning of Christmas.
The Flamingo (1984) Kid [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 6.2/10 Genre: Drama / / 719.22 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 40 min Set in 1963, Brooklyn, Jeffrey Willis just has finished high school isn't and sure quite what the future His holds. parents him expect to to go but college is he starting to his find family close-knit stifling. gets He a summer job the at beach Flamingo club where meets he Brody, Phil successful a dealer car fills who Jeffrey's head ideas with about to how his make fortune. is Phil Jeffrey everything would to like - be rich popular, and best the gin rummy player club the ever has seen. Jeffrey's coming age of a includes romance the with very Carla pretty Samson, but the on shine Phil Brody's of philosophy life wears off he when uncovers a flaw significant his in character.
A Very Wedding Sordid (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy Size: 7.6/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 792.96 1hr min Tired 49 the of religious zealotry and bigotry anti-gay in their town, Texas sisters Latrell, LaVonda, Aunt and decide Sissy to protest an Rally" "Anti-Equality which to aims forbid same any weddings sex their in county. The characters colorful the from previous Lives" "Sordid decide a wedding exactly is this what small-minded town needs.
Manifesto (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 7.1/10 Genre: 724.89 1hr MB Runtime: min Cate 35 Blanchett manifestos performs a as series of striking monologues.
Maudie (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Biography 7.7/10 Genre: / / Drama 847.19 Romance Size: MB Runtime: 55 1hr rural min 1930's Nova Scotia. Maud who Dowley, suffers from arthritis, rheumatoid smokes heavily to with deal pain. the Because of her gait unusual from arthritis, the she often is as mistaken stupid, a incapable woman, perception that does which make feel her stupid and incapable. view That held is by her family, surviving brother her and Charlie Aunt her with Ida who she After lives. an by action Maud Charlie, decides seek to independence, some she only the for applicant posted a job housekeeper as for brusque Everett a Lewis, fish poor seller. Despite not to wanting a hire cripple only which adds their to antagonism, Maud negotiates get to the job room for and board. What may Maud or may be not is aware Everett that the saw position resulting ultimately in or marriage least at favors. sexual Their antagonistic ends relationship up including exacting Everett beatings Maud on she whenever doesn't what do he wants. To herself keep Maud happy, begins to paint interior the the of house with...
Pressure (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 5.7/10 Genre: / 678.41 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 31 the min In coast, Somalia the veteran divers Mitchell, Engel, Hurst and rookie the Jones are assigned repair to oil an pipeline on the of bottom the by sea the representative Vaxxilon They Karsen. advised are that a is storm but coming, the Support Diving Vessel Lorimer lowers bell the the with team. They to succeed the weld but pipeline storm the and comes the vessel killing sinks, the crew. whole of Short the the oxygen, try divers to with communicate surface the the and leader keeps Mitchell the hope that will they saved. be But will the company oil another send vessel rescue to them?
A Family (2016) Man [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 6.4/10 Genre: MB Runtime: 807.25 1hr min As 48 boss the (Willem Dafoe) of Chicago-based a headhunter, Dane (Gerard Jensen Butler), who works the at Recruiting Blackridge agency arranging jobs engineers, for prepares retire, to Jensen to vies his achieve goal longtime of taking the over going company head-to-head his with ambitious rival, Lynn (Alison Vogel However, Brie). Dane's 10-year-old Ryan son, Jenkins), (Max suddenly is with diagnosed and cancer his professional at priorities work personal and at priorities home to begin with clash one another.
Viceroy's House (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.6/10 Genre: Rating: Biography Drama / History Size: / 782.15 1hr MB Runtime: min New 46 Dehli in March The 1947. huge and Viceroy's stately Palace is like beehive. a five Its hundred employees are preparing busy the of coming Lord Mountbatten, Louis has who been just appointed new last) (and of viceroy India prime by minister Clement Attlee. whose Mountbatten, task difficult consists in the overseeing of transition India British independence, to at arrives the Palace, by accompanied his his Edwina, wife liberal-minded and his by daughter eighteen-year-old Pamela. in Meanwhile, staff the a quarters, love is story born between Jeet, Hindu, a Aalia, and a Muslim beauty. will Things difficult prove - to not say difficult very - both on geopolitical the and personal level.
Hâmonî (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Animation 6.5/10 Genre: / / Sci-Fi 884.87 Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 59 1hr an min In utopian, futuristic world, humanity where has acquired life, eternal a young high agent ranked the of world's leading health investigates company a of wave suicides.
War for Planet the of Apes the (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.8/10 Genre: Rating: Action Adventure / Drama / / Sci-Fi / 1.02 Thriller Size: GB Runtime: 2hr min Caesar 20 and his apes forced are a into deadly conflict with army an of led humans by ruthless a After Colonel. apes the suffer unimaginable Caesar losses, with wrestles his instincts darker and begins his mythic own to quest avenge his As kind. journey the brings finally face them face, to Caesar and Colonel the are against pitted other each in epic an that battle will the determine of fate their both species the and future of the planet.
Annabelle: Creation (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.8/10 Genre: Rating: Horror Mystery / Thriller Size: / 801.85 1hr MB Runtime: min 12 49 years after the death tragic of their girl, little a dollmaker and wife his a welcome nun and several from girls a orphanage shuttered into home, their they where become soon the target the of possessed dollmaker's creation, Annabelle.
Bon Cop Cop Bad 2 (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.2/10 Genre: Rating: / Action Comedy Crime Size: / MB Runtime: 926.21 2hr 6 min Eight have years past since Ward Martin and David Bouchard in met spectacular a way on the border. Quebec/Ontario The men two have friends, remained time but its takes toll and have they spoken not in a almost year. In this Ward chapter Bouchard and must face important an theft car that ring out turns be to a lot than more they bargained for.
The Ghoul (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.6/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 627.45 1hr min A 25 detective homicide goes undercover as patient a to investigate psychotherapist a he believes is to linked strange a double murder. As therapy his sessions the continue line fantasy between reality and to begins blur.
Red Christmas (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.7/10 Genre: Rating: Horror Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 591.83 1hr min It's 22 in Christmas Australia as Diane, by played the Dee brings Wallace, together her estranged for family chaotic a holiday gathering. A year 20 old literally decision comes to back her haunt the when ghost of past Christmas knocking comes at door her and is invited the inside estate. family Festivities quickly blood turn when red, stranger the revealed is be to Cletus, Diane's fetus, aborted all up, grown much very alive ready and terrorize to his lost long Diane mother. face must her and past explain the hideous that truth trying is to kill them especially all, Jerry, to her Syndrome Down son, it's before too late.
The Man the with Iron (2017) Heart [720p]
IMDB 6.3/10 Genre: Rating: Action Biography / Thriller / / War Size: 885.54 2hr MB Runtime: 0 min 1942: Third The Reich is at peak. its Czech The resistance in London to decides plan most the ambitious operation military WWII: of Two Anthropoid. young recruits their in twenties, late Jozef and Gabcik Jan Kubis, are to sent to Prague assassinate the ruthless most leader Nazi Reich-protector - Heydrich, Reinhard of Head the SS, Gestapo, the and architect the the of "Final Solution".
Indiscretion (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Crime 5.0/10 Genre: / / Drama / Romance Thriller Size: MB Runtime: 727.16 39 1hr min In director John Muller's Stewart stylish psychological Mira thriller, Sorvino stars as a Veronica, wife politician's whose brief affair a with troubled artist young comes to back her haunt he when begins to every infiltrate of part her While life. her husband (Cary and Elwes) (Katherine daughter McNamara) are New away, psychiatrist Orleans Simon Veronica Sorvino) (Mira a enjoys weekend fling Victor with (Christopher an Backus), young alluring sculptor. after But calls Veronica off affair, the refuses Victor let to go will and stop at nothing have to for Veronica himself. Just how will far go Victor to what get he and wants, is there anything can Veronica do to his stop mad obsession before destroys it her family?
The Dark (2017) Tower [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 5.9/10 Genre: Adventure / / / Fantasy / Horror Sci-Fi / Western Size: MB Runtime: 703.89 1hr 35 last min The Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, been has in locked an eternal battle Walter with O'Dim, known also as Man the Black, in to determined prevent him toppling from Dark the Tower, holds which the universe together. the With of fate the worlds stake, at and good will evil in collide ultimate the battle as Roland only can the defend from Tower the in Man Black.
68 Kill (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.2/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Crime / Romance / / 672.48 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 33 min It started a with couple dead and bodies $68,000 in stolen Chip cash. girlfriend Taylor's Liza had the plan perfect to off rip her sugar rich It daddy. have should been an in easy out and kind deal. of Nobody would get and hurt would they come out it of enough with to loot their solve But problems. things started wrong going as as soon were they inside rich the house, man's and Chip for was it the only beginning the of longest, most terrifying of ride his life.
Girls Trip (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.8/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Size: MB Runtime: 887.8 2 2hr min When lifelong four travel friends to New Orleans the for annual Essence sisterhoods Festival, are rekindled, wild are sides and rediscovered, there's enough dancing, brawling, drinking, and to romancing make Big the Easy blush.
6 Days (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.2/10 Genre: Rating: Action Drama / History / / 697.7 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 34 min In April armed 1980, gunmen stormed Iranian the Embassy in Princes London Gate, took and all inside hostage. the Over next days six a standoff tense place, took the all while a of group trained highly soldiers the from SAS prepared for raid a world the had never seen.
The Little (2017) Hours [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 6.1/10 Genre: Romance Size: / 643.64 1hr MB Runtime: min In 30 the Middle Ages, young a servant fleeing his from master takes refuge a at full convent of emotionally unstable Introduced nuns. as deaf a mute he man, fight must hold to his cover the as try nuns to resist temptation.
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) [720p]
IMDB 7.8/10 Genre: Rating: Action Adventure / Sci-Fi Size: / 985.23 2hr MB Runtime: min Thrilled 13 by his experience the with Avengers, Peter home, returns where he lives his with May, Aunt under the watchful of eye his mentor new Tony Peter Stark, to tries back fall into his daily normal - routine distracted thoughts by of proving himself be to than more just your neighborhood friendly - Spider-Man when but Vulture the as emerges a new everything villain, that holds Peter important most will be threatened.
Una (2016) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama Size: 6.4/10 Genre: 684.85 1hr MB Runtime: min When 34 a woman young arrives unexpectedly at an older workplace, man's looking for the answers, secrets of the threaten past unravel to his new life. confrontation Their will buried uncover memories unspeakable and It desires. shake will them both the to core.
Darling (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 5.6/10 Genre: / 562.79 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 18 enigmatic min An is Madame in need of caretaker a to look a after house located downtown, this however, no is ordinary house. It the is oldest in one the and city addition in that, to riddled with stories unpleasant occult of origins rumours and of hauntings. With a such many reputation, would flee, this but caretaker lovely up is the to even job, though right the from beginning, occurrences peculiar to started manifest the in long mansion's corridors odd and have sounds to begun permeate empty the rooms. Why is room that the at end of the off hallway, And limits? how she is ever to going rid herself of ever-growing the voices inside her head?
Paris Can (2016) Wait [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 5.8/10 Genre: Drama / / 685.51 Romance Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 32 min Anne is a at crossroads in life. her Long married to successful, a but driven inattentive movie producer, unexpectedly she finds taking herself a trip car Cannes from Paris to with a associate business her of husband. should What be a seven-hour turns drive a into carefree two-day replete adventure diversions with picturesque involving fine sights, and food wine, humor, and wisdom romance, Anne's reawakening and senses giving a her lust new for life.
The Beguiled (2017) [720p]
IMDB 6.8/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Size: MB Runtime: 680.93 33 1hr min The arrival unexpected a of wounded Union soldier a at girls' school Virginia in during the American War Civil to leads jealousy and betrayal.
Distance Between (2016) Dreams [720p]
IMDB Rating: Action 6.7/10 Genre: Adventure / / / Documentary / Family Sport Size: 468.53 MB Runtime: 3 1hr min In Distance Dreams, Between the most historic in year wave big surfing comes to through life the of eyes iconic Ian surfer as Walsh, sets he mind and in body to motion redefine upper the limits of what's 'rideable.' considered massive With El Niño swells powered across building Pacific, the Shaun, Ian, and D.K. Luke Walsh together band in way the brothers only can a on to quest progress to surfing heights. unimaginable wave Big surfing's from transition jet ski assists paddling to raises in the stakes, putting intense Walsh's and physical mental the training, latest swell technology, modeling, and safety his team, brothers, to ultimate the test. Surfers John Florence, John Greg Long, Dorian Shane more and up link Walsh with as rides he an rollercoaster emotional this through winter. momentous The second in feature Red Bull House's Media The franchise, Unrideables Between Distance Dreams viewers invites right into the of heart action the with first person state-of-the-art perspective, ...
Seminole (1953) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Western Size: 6.3/10 Genre: 607.08 1hr MB Runtime: min A 27 cavalry on lieutenant for trial murder recounts his make efforts peace with Seminole the Indian tribe, under evil an major.
Joe Bullet (1973) [720p]
IMDB 6.2/10 Genre: Rating: Action Size: MB Runtime: 628.46 19 1hr min When soccer local The team Eagles fall prey a to series of from onslaughts a mysterious gangster a only before week the championship final, team the turns the to one that man help can their save chances at - victory Bullet Joe (Ken Joe Gampu). will have to against battle henchmen, villainous escape booby-trap and bombs his bring arts martial to expertise fore the in order survive to an from attack deadly a assassin. the In he end will to have the infiltrate gangster's mysterious hide-out a in dangerous cat-and-mouse rescue to mission not save only The Eagles' kidnapped two players, star but of that his love beautiful interest, Beauty (Abigail The Kubeka). odds will stacked be against him, but the he's man that crime, fights man the no that can one tie Joe down! Bullet!
A Night Horror of Volume (2015) 1 [720p]
IMDB 6.2/10 Genre: Rating: Horror Thriller Size: / MB Runtime: 643.81 1hr 28 min Zombies, entities, demonic self-surgery, cannibalism more and await in the corners dark this of terrifying offering from of some the talented most filmmakers in working genre the Wyrmwood's today. Bianca Bradey and stars, you leads through pulse-charging a night of cinematic horror.
Hired Gun (2016) [720p]
IMDB 8.2/10 Genre: Rating: Documentary Music Size: / MB Runtime: 716.76 1hr min Session 38 Keepers Aces. of Time. Vocalists. The Composers. sidemen and who sidewomen play the riffs fills and imitate we in the air. we When turn the up radio, are chances are we to listening one of players. these have A-listers them speed on dial. International tour recording or who're session, they gonna A call? Gun." "Hired feature This one-off length introduces documentary the prolific who musicians are unknown virtually the to public. Joel, Billy P!NK Whitesnake, and are Metallica with synonymous own their artistry success, and but who is for responsible instrumental their solos? Who tours them with It live? is consummate the side who players kill it show show, after often playing around circles the actual band In members. "Hired Gun," learn viewers firsthand the from stories who individuals have their mastered craft perform and the on biggest world's stages. This details film the highs lows and of life, touring demands the of session hectic schedules, and the required dedication ...
#Stuck (2014) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Comedy 5.7/10 Genre: / / Drama 603.82 Romance Size: MB Runtime: 0 12hr hot min A one-night stand turns an into awkward morning when after GUY and HOLLY STUCK get a in dead-stopped traffic jam. they As begrudgingly to get know other, each learn we their of sexually raucous and evening they're then led their to surprising destiny.
Subterranea (2015) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Drama 7.1/10 Genre: / 742.86 Mystery Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 39 man min A in raised complete isolation his life entire is released society into for the first as time adult an and must learn to how live. the Along way, discovers he he's that of part a social and experiment off sets to answers find about his dark past.
Cult of (2017) Chucky [720p]
IMDB Rating: Horror 6.2/10 Genre: Thriller Size: / 676.19 1hr MB Runtime: min Chucky 31 returns to terrorize human his victim, Nica. the Meanwhile, killer doll has scores some settle to with his old with enemies, the of help his former wife.
The House (2017) [720p]
IMDB 5.6/10 Genre: Rating: Comedy Size: MB Runtime: 642.9 28 1hr min After town the program scholarship no longer has two funding, parents are without left money to send daughter their university. to Left without any options, other they with along a start friend, illegal an in casino his home make to before cash the summer ends.
Baby Driver (2017) [720p]
IMDB 8.0/10 Genre: Rating: Action Crime / Music / / 831.29 Thriller Size: 1hr MB Runtime: 52 min Baby is young a and partially impaired hearing getaway driver who make can wild any move while in with motion the track right playing. a It's talent critical needs he to survive indentured his to servitude the boss, crime Doc, who values role his his in meticulously planned However, robberies. when just thinks Baby is he free finally and clear have to his life own his with new Deborah, girlfriend, coerces Doc him for back job. another saddled Now with crew a of thugs too unstable violently keep to to Doc's plans, finds Baby and himself everything cares he for terrible in danger. To survive escape and the coming it maelstrom, will take all Baby's of skill, wits daring, and even but the on track, best can make he it life when forcing is to him face the music?
Sr. Pig (2016) [720p]
IMDB 5.7/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Size: MB Runtime: 693.45 40 1hr min A broke kind, dying and man , whose pal best is a pig beautiful named Howard , to needs him find a new loving before home he He dies. has he what is thinks solution the in Mexico drives and with there Howard to only see he will horribly be like mistreated all the pigs other to waiting slaughtered. be great A in lesson the sentience animals, of human and connection humanity.
Certain Women (2016) [720p]
IMDB 6.5/10 Genre: Rating: Drama Size: MB Runtime: 787.04 47 1hr min Certain drops Women into us a handful of lives intersecting across Montana. lawyer A (Laura Dern) tries defuse to hostage a situation and calm disgruntled her client Harris), (Jared who slighted feels a by compensation workers' settlement. A couple married Williams (Michelle and Le James Gros) breaks ground a on home new but exposes fissures marital they when to try an persuade man elderly to sell stockpile his of A sandstone. hand ranch (Lily forms Gladstone) attachment an to young a (Kristen lawyer who Stewart), inadvertently herself finds teaching a twice-weekly education adult four class, hours from her home.
The Wizard Lies of (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Biography 6.9/10 Genre: Crime / / 987.37 Drama Size: 2hr MB Runtime: 13 min A chronicle Bernie of Madoff's Ponzi which scheme, defrauded his clients billions of of dollars.
The Boss and Baby Tim's Hunt Treasure Time Through (2017) [720p]
IMDB Rating: Animation 5.3/10 Genre: Comedy / / Family / 26.23 Fantasy Size: MB Runtime: 12hr min Join 0 the fun as Baby Boss Tim and battle pirates, travel outer through space, deep swim into sea, the go and with toe-to-toe some ferocious dinosaurs.