Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

As rampant, ever-growing pythons infest the warm Florida Everglades thanks to Dr Nikki Riley’s die-hard group of activists, suddenly, Park Ranger, Terry O’Hara, has a lot on her plate. One by one, the slithering invaders are killing the unprepared congregation of indigenous alligators, leading to a drastic but ill-advised countermeasure: to kill a dangerous predator, one needs to come up with an even deadlier protector. As a result, gigantic bone-crushing pythons and gargantuan man-eating alligators wreak havoc on the land, devouring everything in their way. Now, the ultimate battle between species commences, and whoever wins, humans lose. Can Nikki and Terry put aside their differences in the name of survival?

IMDBID: 1680138

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