[ES] Sara’s Notebook

Laura Alonso is a Spanish lawyer from Madrid who sets off to Democratic Republic of Congo (central Africa) after having seen a photo where Sara, her younger sister, appears alive after two years with few clues about her location. While looking for contacts, Laura realizes that Sara was photographed in the region of Goma, one of the most troubled zones of the country due to local warlords and their conflict over coltan, a much appreciated and expensive mineral. Determined to go until the end despite not knowing the country or the language, Laura contacts Sergio Rojas, a Latin businessman, to get the way to travel to Goma. But after discovering the real interests of Sergio, Laura asks help Sven, Sara’s onetime lover, to go Goma. Sven finds Jamir, a young former child soldier who reluctantly accept Laura’s offer to help her. Together they both start a journey from Uganda to Goma via Rwanda, across the border from eastern DR Congo. As they travel, Laura’s life not only will be in danger …

IMDBID: 6599742


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