[ZH] A Nail Clipper Romance

Right, well I hadn’t heard about this 2017 movie by director Jason Kwan before now in 2020, when I had the chance to sit down and watch the movie. And of course I did sit down to watch it, as I like the Asian cinema quite a lot.Well, "A Nail Clipper Romance" was different, let’s just say that much, for better or worse. I didn’t really like the storyline and found the nail clipper monster aspect of it to be utter rubbish. But if you look at the movie from a certain point of view whereas the girl was suffering from some kind of mental illness, then it actually did make some sense.It should be said that the acting in the movie was good, despite of the dubious storyline. They had some nice enough acting talents on the cast list. It was a surprise to see Ekin Cheng in the movie. Funny, how some grown men keep their hair long into their 50s. I believe he has had that hair since the early 1990s.I wasn’t particularly impressed with this movie. Sure, it was watchable, but the storyline was so far out there that it was hard to take the movie serious.My rating of "A Nail Clipper Romance" is a meager four out of ten stars. While I managed to watch the entire movie, then t his is hardly a movie that I will be sitting down to watch a second time.

IMDBID: 6839248

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