Race Against Pandemic

This video keeps repeating the same elements over and over in an attempt to generate sympathy for the city of Wuhan and to down play Beijing’s initial response. They juxtapose this theme against the rest of the world’s seeming ineptitude to deal with the virus. "China built hospitals in a matter of weeks to combat the virus." "Wuhan is a ghost town." We hear this statement over and over. There’s no mention of Dr. Li Wenliang’s initial censoring. The "Medcram Coronavirus updates" detail the questionable progression of the virus leading up to his death. Bejing simply says, "he died." No mention has been made about the Australian scientist Nikolai Petrovsky claim that nCov19 binds more readily to humans than animals–this is not consistent with viruses that jump from animals to humans. As more and more Chinese investors buy American studios, we’ll continue to receive content like this.

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