Corpse Killer – 25th Anniversary Edition

You’re stranded on an uncharted island of Death. You’re zombifying from Voodoo poison. A mad scientist is on your trail. Hundres of rotting stiffs are crawling out of their graves to chew your guys, and you can’t kill ’em. They’re already dead.

You are an unnamed United States marine that is airdropped onto a tropical island on a top secret mission to stop the evil Dr. Hellman, who plans to release his army of zombies on the world. With Winston and Julie, your mission is to infiltrate Hellman’s compound and rescue four of your comrades and stop Dr. Hellman from carrying out his plan.

* Hollywood quality production, cast and entertainment.
* Directed by Jon Lafia.
* Shoot at hundres of real video zombies.
* Starring Vincent Schiavelli, Jeremiah Birkett, Bridget Butler.



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