Kandagawa Jet Girls

There is more to racing than increase your speed. A story of girls devoting their youth to jet races, with character designs by Hanaharu Naruko. The girls make friends and form bonds through their shared love of jet racing in this ensemble coming-of-age story. Jet races are contested by teams of two, offering accessible strategic action that anyone can enjoy! A range of weapons and jet machines is at your disposal in these exhilarating races through a fictional near-future Tokyo. In a world where jet racing has become a major sport, teams of Jetters and Shooters know how to make a splash. The Jetter pilots the jet machine, while the offensive Shooter attacks opponents with water guns. Enter Rin Namiki, a young lady whose mother was once a legendary Jetter. She dreams of becoming a jet racer herself, leaving her home island and setting out to Asakusa, Tokyo. She encounters the aloof and beautiful Misa Aoi, and the two become partners. Little by little, the two deepen their bond as they race against their rivals.



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