Three Night Stand

Carl’s life is stalled. He has worked at the same job at a Montréal video game design company for five years with his bosses not yet having decided who will get the next promotion. He and Sue, his wife of several years, are also facing problems in their marriage, including sexually. To reinvigorate their marriage, he has arranged a weekend ski getaway for them at Ste. Adele in the Laurentians, staying at Auberge au Coeur Sauvage, a small bed and breakfast ski lodge. He has a grand gesture planned, he choosing this specific locale as it has special romantic memories for him, however those memories are with another woman. When they arrive, Carl finds that the person with who he has been emailing regarding the reservation and the current owner is Robyn, who he introduces to Sue as a former coworker – which is true – but who he eventually divulges is an ex. Carl has never told Sue about Robyn, the woman with who he has special memories at this locale and who he may consider, deep in his …

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