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Farming Simulator 19

The multimillion-selling franchise takes a giant leap forward for 2018 — the ultimate farming simulation returns this year with a complete overhaul of the graphics engine, offering the most striking and immersive visuals and effects, along with the deepest and most complete farming experience ever! Farming Simulator 19 takes the biggest step forward yet with

Dakar 18

Dakar 18 is a simulation of the world-famous annual rally raid organized by Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.) in South America, and features visuals and many vehicles including motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads and SxS. EP4062-CUSA11741_00-BGMNDAKAR18000EU-A0100-V0100 Audio: English. Subtitles: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish.

Adventure Time – Pirates of the Enchiridion

It’s Adventure Time! Finn and Jake have saved the Land of Ooo more times than they can count — but, this time, they might be in over their heads. Somebody’s up to bad biscuits. They got their hands on another Enchiridion, and they’ve somehow used it to flood the Land of Ooo. Help Finn and

100ft Robot Golf

100ft Robot Golf is a real-time golf game through which you control massive robots on their quest for par. Never get your ball stuck behind a pesky tree or skyscraper ever again. Just swing your golf club to smash even the tallest buildings out of the way — or into the way of your robot

11-11 – Memories Retold

11th November 1916, a young photographer leaves Canada to join the Western Front in Europe. The same day, a German technician is told that his son is missing in action on the front… They will discover the reality of war, crossing paths, on the front, and the rear, trying to preserve their humanity for their

Contra – Rogue Corps

CONTRA ROGUE CORPS is an over the top run and gun game with fast paced ultra-violent combat. Offering both single and multiplayer options, CONTRA ROGUE CORPS is an incredible gameplay experience alone or with your friends. EP0101-CUSA15032_00-CONTRAROGUECORPS-A0100-V0100 Audio: English. Subtitles: English, German, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.


Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more all while trying to survive. EP5426-CUSA13893_00-SUBNAUTICA000000-A0109-V0100 Subtitles: English, German, Finnish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Turkish and Spanish.

Star Wars – Racer Revenge

It has been eight years since the first spectacular Podracing showdown between Sebulba and the young Anakin Skywalker. Seeking payback for his humiliating loss, Sebulba has a new beefed-up Podracer and lust for revenge. But it’s not going to be easy: Anakin has grown into a boldly skilled Podracer pilot… Thus the stage is set

Power Rangers – Battle for The Grid

A modern take on the 25-year franchise, showcasing an original story. Pit current and classic Rangers and villains against one another like never before in 3 vs. 3 tag battles. Test your skills online against friends and players from around the world for extra replayability. EP5002-CUSA15284_00-BATTLEFORTHEGRID-A0106-V0100 Subtitles: English, German and French. Power.Rangers.Battle.for.The.Grid.DLC.Unlocker.PS4-DUPLEX Subtitles: English, German

Mutant Year Zero – Road to Eden

A tactical adventure game combining the turn-based combat of XCOM with story, exploration, stealth, and strategy. Take control of a team of Mutants navigating a post-human Earth. Created by a team including former HITMAN leads and the designer of PAYDAY. EP1833-CUSA12667_00-MUTANTYEARZERO01-A0100-V0100 Subtitles: English, German, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Polish, Simplified


Engineered to provide maximum speed and maneuverability. Slip into a kinetic suit and harness the ability to scale walls, execute intricate stunts and reach terminal velocity. Pure speed never looked so good. EP9000-CUSA01947_00-SCUS971320000001-A0101-V0100

Gunvolt Chronicles – Luminous Avenger iX

Get ready for the apeX of 2D action! Inti Creates brings you speedy and stylish 2D action the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Experience the apeX of 2D action with Luminous Avenger iX! JP1368-CUSA16426_00-GVIXPS4APPJP0000-A0102-V0100 Languages: En,Ja,Ko,Zh,Th

Concrete Genie

Life is tough for young Ash — isolated and bullied, it’s only in the discovery that he can bring his paintings to life that things become so much… brighter. And with the small fishing town of Denska now polluted and abandoned, only Ash has the power to cleanse the streets and alleyways with beautiful, living

Youtubers Life – OMG Edition

Become the world’s greatest content creator. Create your character focusing on gaming, music, or cooking, and start broadcasting your life from your parent’s house, then continue to increase your popularity through social networks and manage fans, friends, and family to move on up in the world and become the biggest start in the world. EP4725-CUSA13591_00-0000000001YOULIF-A0100-V0100

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Fulfill contracts that offer clear objectives with a fixed monetary reward and options to complete bonus challenges for payouts. With hundreds of ways to take down a wide range of targets, Contracts offers precise, strategic sniping gameplay at its absolute best. Play as a paid assassin; a hit man for hire, and beware of rival