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That’s You!

Which of your family members would survive longest in the wild? Which one of your friends was most recently sick in the street? Who among you is the worst chef?Welcome to an irreverent party quiz where you and up to five of your friends and family get to find out what you really think about

SingStar Celebration

Hit the high notes with upbeat tracks, massive hits and your favorite party classics. Whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even just a Saturday night — SingStar Celebration is the perfect playlist to any party, with up to eight players able to join in the fun. Use your SingStar mic or combine

Knowledge is Power

Answer a massive variety of trivia questions to outsmart your opponents, with tactile challenges thrown in to keep you on your toes. This is all about speed and accuracy — are you up to the task? EP9000-CUSA09557_00-1710231057KPE3M0-A0101-V0100 EP9000-CUSA06044_00-1709141129KPE1M0-A0100-V0100

Hidden Agenda

Blending the best elements of movies and games, this story-based adventure drops you into a tale rife with chilling moral dilemmas. EP9000-CUSA06778_00-PMFW000000000001-A0100-V0109 EP9000-CUSA06778_00-PMFW000000000001-A0109-V0100 EP9000-CUSA06778_00-PMFW000000000001-A0109-V0100 EP9000-CUSA06778_00-PMFW000000000001-A0100-V0101


Arcade style fun and madcap mini-games are all the rage in Frantics, where you and up to three friends have to face off in a variety of challenges. EP9000-CUSA09638_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100 EP9000-CUSA09638_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100 EP9000-CUSA10467_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is designed to provide a very realistic driving experience, with single player and multiplayer options, officially licensed cars and tracks developed using Laser scan technology, and the highest level of accuracy possible in reproducing real world motor racing environments. Also, Assetto Corsa allows for considerable customisation and modification, in order to satisfy the



Project CARS – Game of the Year Edition



EP0101-CUSA05597_00-MAINGAME00000000-A0105-V0101 EP0101-CUSA05597_00-MAINGAME00000000-A0100-V0101


A PlayStation VR exclusive, Farpoint is an unnerving space adventure set on a hostile alien world. After crash landing you must fight to survive as you explore and uncover the planet’s secrets. Your only hope of escape is to constantly keep moving and discover the fate of your team. [Impulse Gear] Farpoint.PS4-DUPLEX EP9000-CUSA04508_00-0000000000000000-A0108-V0100 EP9000-CUSA04508_00-0000000000000000-A0108-V0100


UP9000-CUSA04779_00-XXXXXDRIVECLUBVR-A0100-V0101 EP9000-CUSA03296_00-XXXXXDRIVECLUBVR-A0100-V0101 EP9000-CUSA03296_00-XXXXXDRIVECLUBVR-A0100-V0101 EP9000-CUSA03296_00-XXXXXDRIVECLUBVR-A0100-V0101

Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class Trial Demo

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Bravo Team

Bravo Team is set in a fictional modern day Eastern European city. When your escort mission goes awry and results in the President’s assassination, a country threatens to tear itself apart…and your team along with it. Teamwork is at the core of the game. Bravo Team has been developed to allow both single player and

Persona 5

Beneath the veneer of typical urban high school life, a group of teenagers mask their mysterious alter egos, their "phantom thief" side. Who are they? Why are they dressed as such? What are their motives? And… why are they being pursued? A picaresque coming-of-age story, Persona 5 brings a new twist to the RPG genre.


Heart&Slash is a 3D brawler roguelike robot love story set in a world where machines are all that remains from human civilization. You play as Heart, a sentient robot fighting to escape the grip of the evil and all seeing machine QuAsSy (Quality Assurance Systems). But make no mistake, Heart&Slash is no walk in the